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2000 rupee note exchange: Reserve Bank has given important information on the deadline for exchanging 2000 rupee notes. The central bank has made it clear that after September 30, customers will not be able to exchange Rs 2000 notes.

The Reserve Bank has clarified the situation on the deadline for exchanging Rs 2000 notes. The Central Bank has clearly said that people will not get much time to exchange Rs 2000 notes. If the notes are not exchanged till today, then from tomorrow their value will be reduced to just that of a piece of paper.

Mint report quoting news agency ANI says that the Reserve Bank has made it clear that it is not going to extend the deadline for exchanging Rs 2000 notes. In such a situation, today you have the last chance to exchange Rs 2000 notes.

It was claimed in several media reports that the Reserve Bank may extend the deadline for exchanging Rs 2000 notes for Indians and NRIs living abroad till October 31, 2023. Now if we believe the report of ANI, it means that after today there will be no time for this. Change 2000 rupee note.

RBI had taken out Rs 2000 notes from circulation.

The Reserve Bank of India had announced the withdrawal of Rs 2000 notes from circulation on 19 May 2023. For this, the bank had given 4 months time to the people so that they could easily exchange their old notes by going to their bank or nearby bank. Post Office. Its deadline is ending on 30 September 2023 i.e. Saturday. If you have not done this work yet then today is your last chance. Keep in mind, the Reserve Bank has set a limit of exchanging only Rs 2000 notes up to Rs 20,000 at a time.

How many notes came back into the banking system?

According to the data released by the Reserve Bank on September 2, about 93 percent of the Rs 2000 notes have returned to the banking system. In such a situation, the total value of these notes is Rs 3.32 lakh crore. At the same time, about Rs 24,000 crore i.e. 7 percent of the amount is still yet to come into the banking system.

According to the news published in Mint, according to the data taken from different banks, 87 percent of the notes deposited have been deposited in the bank accounts. The remaining 13 percent amount has been replaced with other notes.

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