4 Real Madrid players arrested for sharing obscene video of a minor – Dainik Savera Times

Madrid: Spanish police have arrested four Real Madrid players for sharing an obscene video of a minor girl on WhatsApp. The players, aged between 20 and 21, were arrested at the club’s training complex on Thursday. He was released hours after giving a statement at police headquarters, El Confidencial newspaper reports.

The arrest was made after the minor’s mother reported the incidents in Mogan (Gran Canaria). The players spread the video on WhatsApp, according to reports by El Confidencial and Cadena SER radio station. Neither the recording nor the broadcast was consented to by the minor. Three of the players arrested are from Real Madrid’s C team, with the fourth from the club’s B team, known as Castilla.

The Cadena SER report, citing sources close to Real Madrid, also claimed that the girl had consensual sex and that the recording took place without her consent in June, which is why they are accused of spreading the video to third parties. has been applied. Real Madrid released a statement following news of the arrest, in which it clarified that four players were involved.

‘Real Madrid wishes to announce that it has learned that a Castilla player and three Real Madrid C players have made a statement to the Civil Guard in connection with a complaint regarding the alleged transmission of a private video via WhatsApp. “We will take appropriate action based on the facts,” it said in a statement. The arrests come amid allegations of sexual abuse against former football federation chief Luis Rubiales, who kissed Spain’s World Cup winner Janine Hermoso on the lips last month, sparking widespread outrage.

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