4 women confess why they chose to take a break from intimacy


Forgot the feeling of serious relationship

Priya is 34 years old. She tells that they haven’t had sex for almost a year. The reason for this was not that such opportunities did not come to him, but he himself had shied away from it. Because she somehow forgot the feeling of being in a serious relationship because of it. All the relationships she was in till now started with a physical intimacy.

She tells that I used to love romancing better than doing deep things of love. After which I realized that in this way I am slowly losing all my connections. And then I decided to take a break from sex for some time.

my conscience did not testify

my conscience did not testify

Sharmistha is 29 years old. She tells that before marriage I never made physical relation. I grew up in an orthodox family where dating before marriage is not considered good. But I’ve always wanted to experience what it’s like to be with someone.

Yet there was no mention of sex in my life before marriage. I decided to experience it only after marriage. I think my decision was more inspired by my culture and family background.

lost a best friend

lost a best friend

Varsha is 38 years old, and she tells that I have not been intimate with anyone for almost 3 years. I took this decision because I lost my best friend because of it.

In fact, at one point sex became so important to me that I used to lie and cancel meetings with my best friends. I preferred to leave him and meet random guys. Then I realized that because of this habit of mine, I have lost the closest person in my life. After this, I decided not to have sex for some time in order to rectify my mistake and regain the lost trust of my best friend.

mind was out of control

mind was out of control

Yamini is 27 years old, and it’s been 2 years 3 months since she left the path of romance. She tells that there was a time in my life when all the time I used to think only about sex. But soon I realized that I was losing control over my mind. So I took a break from physical intimacy for some time. It wasn’t too difficult for me to do because I didn’t like casual sex anyway.

But when you have a crush on someone, it’s hard to control yourself around them. But still I controlled myself that too despite being in a serious relationship.

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