57 Muslim countries united against Sweden for burning Quran, said – will not be tolerated


The Swedish government has also condemned the incident. But Sweden’s problems do not seem to be getting any less. Muslim countries have fallen behind Sweden.

On June 28, 37-year-old Salman Momika set fire to the Quran in front of the mosque in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. This incident was condemned all over the world. IOC, the largest organization of Muslim countries, called an emergency meeting and demanded strict action against Sweden in this meeting. Seeing the matter increasing, the government of Sweden has also condemned this incident. But Sweden’s problems do not seem to be getting any less. Muslim countries have fallen behind Sweden.

Sweden’s government condemned

The Swedish Foreign Ministry stated that these acts do not reflect the views of the Swedish government. The statement came after the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) called for collective action to prevent similar incidents in the future. In the statement the Swedish Foreign Ministry also said that they are aware of the offense caused to Muslims due to Islamophobic acts committed by people during the demonstrations in the country.

Organization of Muslim countries held a meeting

In the OIC meeting, all the Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait have talked about giving Sweden a taste. In protest, Morocco has recalled its ambassador from Sweden for an indefinite period. Iran has even refused to send its new ambassador to Sweden. Saudi Arabia also summoned the ambassador of Sweden. Iraq’s statement on this whole matter has also come to the fore. The person who burnt the Quran was a resident of Iraq. Iraq says that he left the country many years ago and settled in Sweden.

Got permission to burn Quran

Salman Momika sought permission to burn Quran under freedom of expression and got it. Sweden was overshadowed by allowing the burning of the Quran. Salwan Momica, an Iraqi living in Sweden, set fire to a copy of the Muslim text in front of Stockholm’s central mosque. Qurans were burned as Muslims around the world celebrated the first day of Eid al-Adha, one of the most important festivals of the Muslim calendar. The video of burning Quran on the day of Eid ul Azha has also surfaced.

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