6G In India: India has 200 patents related to 6G technology, Telecom Minister said this


6G Technology: While Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio are busy in laying the network of 5G network across the country, preparations are also going on in full swing regarding the next generation communication technology. Telecom and Information Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has said in this regard that India should aim to achieve 10 percent share in global 6G patents by the year 2030. Vaishnav said at the inaugural event of the India 6G alliance that India has now become an exporter of telecom technologies and it already has around 200 patents related to 6G technology. The Telecom Minister said, we should aim to take India’s share of 6G patents to at least 10 percent by the year 2029 or 2030.

Stage set for India 6G tie-up

India has contributed to the development programs of 5G technology for the first time and recently the United Nations body International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has also included India in the 6G framework. To accelerate the ongoing efforts in this direction, the platform of India 6G alliance has been prepared. Vaishnav said the tie-up would encourage more institutes and companies operating in the country to work together to file more patent applications for 6G technology. He said that earlier it was a challenge to raise Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the telecom sector, but in the last nine years from 2014 to 2023, it has increased to close to $ 24 billion. He said, India, which was an importer of technology, has now become its exporter. Now many countries are looking to import telecom equipments in India.

First chip completely designed and manufactured in India coming soon

Ashwini Vaishnav said that Indian telecom equipment manufacturers have also started exporting to America. He said, in the next two-three years, the first chip completely designed and manufactured in India should also come. According to Bhasha’s report, he said that the foundation stone of the proposed chip plant of American company Micron in Gujarat is expected to be laid in the next 40-45 days. He expected the first chip to come out of this plant in about a year and a half.

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