’72 hooren’ piled up in two days, could not even touch the figure of 1 crore


New Delhi (Best Hindu News): ’72 Hooren’ has been in the news a lot. The trailer of the film was well received on social media, but when ’72 Hooren’ released in theaters on July 7, the enthusiasm of the audience was not as expected. There was a lot of ruckus before the release of ’72 Hooren’ and after its release, the film died on the very first day itself. Even after 2 days of release, the film has not crossed the 1 crore mark. Despite being mired in controversies, ‘The Karel Story’ received a good response. On the other hand, this film of Sanjay Puran Chauhan got cold within 2 days.

There was an uproar regarding ’72 Huron’ from the beginning. At the same time, after its release, this film seems to be flopping badly. If you pay attention to the box office collection of the film, then the film’s first day’s earning was about Rs 35 lakhs, that is, on the first day the film could not even touch the figure of 50 lakhs and died at 35 lakhs. Whereas, Adah Sharma starrer ‘The Kerala Story’ collected 8 crores on the first day, the audience also got a mixed response. Talking about the second day collection of ’72 Hooren’, according to the information received, the film could earn up to Rs 45 lakh. Accordingly, the total collection of the film was Rs 80 lakh only.

What is the story of ’72 Huron’?
Talking about the story of the film, it has been shown that suicide bombers are prepared by taking greed to become terrorists. Due to which they get ready to become terrorists. Along with this, the story of two such terrorists has been shown, who sacrificed themselves to get 72 Hurons after bombing the Gateway of India in Mumbai. The terrorists who die in the suicide attack are told in advance that 72 heroes await in heaven for those who give martyrdom. The path to becoming a terrorist is shown from different angles in the film.

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