A big message for the world is hidden behind the deepening relations between India and France.


India would also like to increase friendship with such a country, which is the basis of its development and strength. France has been in favor of India’s peace, that is why it has been opposing the terrorist incidents perpetrated by the neighboring country in India at the world level.

The foreign visits of the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, are an indelible article for writing the story of a new India, a strong India. Emerging New India under his leadership is becoming a bridge between developed and developing countries. Modi is on a two-day visit to France after his historic and successful visits to America and Egypt recently. This year is going to complete 25 years of political partnership between India and France and Modi’s visit to France is very important. In the last 25 years, there have been many bilateral agreements between the two countries, but this time the agreements will start a new era of friendship. The growing credibility of India abroad will get a new height from this visit. Indian Prime Minister Modi was awarded the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor by President Emmanuel Macron, France’s highest award. Modi attended the Bastille Day parade as the chief guest, which was also attended by French President Emmanuel Macron, French First Lady Bridget Macron and other guests. Indian Navy personnel have also arrived for this parade. Various agreements to be signed during this visit to France will prove to be an important step in meeting India’s defence, technology, technical and strategic needs. New hopes will arise from bilateral cooperation with France in the field of trade and industry as well as technology. The Prime Minister’s efforts made during this visit will prove helpful in achieving Make in India, self-reliance, New India – Strong India and sustainable development.

France is a country which has always stood by India. Whether it is a matter of strengthening the Indian Army or the period of nuclear testing, he has been seen standing shoulder to shoulder with India. In the year 1998, when India surprised the whole world with the nuclear test in Pokhran and at that time fearful and fearful powers had imposed sanctions on India, the then President of France Jacques Chirac supported India and said that we need to develop Asia’s The emerging superpower should not be ignored. Even today France stands with India like a friend. There are many reasons behind France giving so much respect and importance to India. Among these India’s growing economy and big market is the main one. India has a policy of peace and harmony. India is its main base in balancing with the superpowers of the world. Even though India is the main country buying military material from France. These days Russia and China have come very close. As a new alternative to Russia, there can be no better country than France, which not only does defense cooperation but is also cooperating in technology. India should think of giving that place to France, which is Russia’s place for India, India will think like this, France realizes this. This realization is also a major basis for deepening the friendship between the two countries. This is the reason why the relations between France and India are being analyzed from many aspects and from many angles. If we look at the history, the coordination between the two countries can be of two civilizations, it can be of two ideologies and cultures.

India would also like to increase friendship with such a country, which is the basis of its development and strength. France has been in favor of India’s peace, that is why it has been opposing the terrorist incidents perpetrated by the neighboring country in India at the world level. Now it even seems that France has replaced Russia as India’s trusted friend and cooperative partner in the western world. India has started showing special respect to France ever since France supported India’s stand at the UN on Kashmir called by China. The French had earlier supported the UN resolution on global terrorist Masood Azhar. After the Pulwama attack, India had completely isolated Pakistan and China on the front of diplomacy. Due to this, the United States, France and Britain had presented a proposal in the Security Council of the United Nations to ban Masood Azhar, the chief of the terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed, who took responsibility for the Pulwama attack.

France is not only becoming an ally in ending terrorism in India, but is also giving all possible cooperation in making India a powerful country. Our military power has been strengthened from France, from there we are getting everything from fighter aircraft to submarines. During this visit of Modi, both the countries will seal important defense and trade agreements. The Indian Navy is expected to sign a deal with France for 26 Rafale M Marine fighter jets. India becoming a big power of the world has many benefits from the friendship of France. Even though, in the last few years, India has taken far-reaching steps towards self-reliance in the defense sector, due to which there has been some reduction in our defense imports. Despite this, it is a fact that India still has a long way to go in completely ending its dependence on foreign countries, especially France, for meeting its defense needs. France knows this very well. That is why, along with America, France is also eyeing this defense market of India.

This visit of Prime Minister Modi to France will prove to be a milestone in the direction of ending the irresponsible big powers of the world. India wants to organize such nations in the world which are anti-war. With this objective, India, France and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) successfully conducted their first trilateral maritime exercise in the Gulf of Oman on 8 June. There was participation of INS Tarkash, French ship Surcouf, French Rafale aircraft and UAE Navy maritime patrol aircraft. The exercise saw a wide spectrum of surface warfare-like naval operations, including tactical firing and drills of missiles at surface targets, helicopter cross deck landing operations, advanced air defense exercises and boarding operations. It will be possible only through such organizations and joint efforts to force war-seeking countries to change their thinking. The aim of such exercise just ahead of Modi’s visit was to enhance trilateral cooperation between the three navies and pave the way for adoption of measures to address conventional and non-conventional threats in the maritime environment.

The eyes of the world are focused on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to France. Most importantly, France is an influential member of the UN Security Council and has never made a pure bargain with India like the US. To stop China’s increasing aggression and expansionist thinking, both America and France have come very close to India. The two countries have common interests in the Indo-Pacific region and the potential for dissemination of solar energy technology. It has become the biggest need of the world to teach a lesson to China and Pakistan who nurture war, violence, communal frenzy and terrorism. It has become necessary to do this because where Pakistan is not desisting from providing support and protection to terrorism, China has become a threat not only to Asia but to the whole world due to its expansionist policies. Let us believe that the talks between Modi and French President Macron will create such a positive environment on issues ranging from trade and economics to energy security, anti-terrorism, defense and security cooperation and cooperation in the Indo-Pacific, which will lead to peace, cooperation in the whole world. , co-life and terrorism will be able to feel freedom. In particular, building a terrorism-free world is a priority for both countries.

-Lalit Garg

(The author is a senior journalist and columnist)

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