A new study claims 6 million more covid victims life could not be saved because of Endless cover-ups by China The truth came out from the new study of Kovid-19


Beijing: The world knows how China tried to hide the outbreak of Corona virus in the year 2019. Now a study has claimed that if China had not tried to hide this epidemic, then six million i.e. 6 lakh Kovid victims would have been alive today. According to the study, the Chinese public health officials had detected the genetic code of the virus at least five days before the world became aware of the danger. A scientist has accused China of a cover-up regarding Kovid without any limits.

how did the truth come out
In March 2020, Professor Edward Holmes, a virologist at Sydney University in Australia, made several revelations to his colleagues on a private channel of the messaging software Slack. He claims that China had already come to know about the genome sequencing of the virus. The channel was started in February to discuss the Nature Medicine paper article. It was published on 17 March 2020. The genome of SARS-CoV-2 has been analyzed in the research. From this it is concluded that it was not made in the laboratory nor was it manipulated.

China’s refusal to accept the truth

In November 2019, people started falling ill in Wuhan, China. China identified the genome sequence on 26 December that year. But the World Health Organization (WHO) came to know about this epidemic on 31 December. It could not get any significant information about its infection for the next three weeks. China also denied to the WHO in mid-January 2020 that the disease could spread from person to person. It is said that if China had taken an action soon, the seven million deaths due to Kovid globally could have been reduced by 95 percent.

But China continued to control data-sharing officials and silence doctors who reported the disease. It is clear from the new evidence that how much China has tried to hide the epidemic that originated from Wuhan.

really annoying
China still refuses to accept that the corona virus was leaked from one of its secret bio labs. Due to this epidemic that originated from China in the year 2019, the world was under the shadow of fear and panic for two years. Even today the effect of Covid-19 can be seen all over the world. Professor Bryce Nickels of Biosafety Now has called it disturbing. He has said that it is clear that China made efforts to hide important information and it was successful.

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