abhishek and manisha friendship, ‘the only true relationship of the house’, Abhishek Malhan and Manisha Rani’s fans rocked with the hashtag ‘Abhisha’ – bigg boss ott 2 abhishek malhan manisha rani fans give hashtag abhisha


Fukra Insan aka Abhishek Malhan and Manisha Rani are being well-liked in ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’. The chemistry of both is also liked by the fans outside. That’s why people have also made a cute hashtag for him outside the show. Abhishek and Manisha are fondly called as ‘Abhisha’ by the fans in ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’. He appreciated the budding chemistry between them. There are a lot of fans of this pair and the proof of this is clearly visible on social media. Let us tell you how and when all this started.

Let me tell you where the story started. Actually Abhishek Malhan’s brother is Nishchay Malhan, who is known as Triggered Man on YouTube. Triggered approves of the chemistry between Abhishek and Manisha on the reality TV show and everyone is delighted to see the duo. Fans were more than happy to see their favorite YouTuber supporting their favorite Bigg Boss couple, which led to the trending hashtag, ‘abhisha’.

Abhishek Malhan Manisha Rani

Friendship of Manisha Rani and Abhishek Malhan

The growing friendship between Manisha Rani and Abhishek aka ‘Fukra’ has caught the attention of the audience. Many have noticed the genuineness of their bond with their beloved. Fans on social media platforms are celebrating their relationship and calling it one of the most genuine connections in the Bigg Boss house.

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The demand for the captaincy of Fukra arose

Amidst the escalating drama in the Bigg Boss house, many fans have praised the bond between Abhishek and Manisha, fondly called ‘Abhisha’. The names of both are resonating across the digital platform. Insaan’s support triggering Abhisha’s chemistry in ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’ has not only delighted the fans but also reaffirmed their faith in their relationship. With the growing fan following and social media buzz, it will be interesting to see how the chemistry between Abhishek and Manisha progresses in the show. Meanwhile, the demand for the captaincy of Fukra is also gaining momentum.

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