Action should also be taken against every employee who makes mistakes in data entry.

Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari has expressed concern over the increasing number of road accidents in the country and the number of people killed in them, saying that the government’s aim is to reduce road accidents by 50 percent, but along with this he has said that the biggest thing It was also said that many road accidents occur due to defects in road design and strict action should be taken against officials who prepare wrong and substandard DPR. Gadkari even said in harsh words that FIR should be registered against all the officers who were involved in making poor DPR.

This statement of Gadkari has raised a big question in many ways because poor DPR is not just a road related problem but it is directly an issue related to the negligence of government employees, officials and related agencies or there is bribery behind it somewhere. And corruption is a big reason.

Actually, the problem of negligence at the government level is not a new one, but as the era of computers and internet is becoming ubiquitous, people are having to bear the brunt of these negligence more because once the data in the computer, Once the data or name is fed, to get it changed or rectified, the entire process has to be followed again.

Be it Lok Sabha elections, Assembly elections or local administration elections, it is generally seen in every election that sometimes the name is not the same in people’s Voter ID card, Aadhar card or any other identity card and sometimes the surname is not the same. Sometimes their age is not available and sometimes their home address is not completely available. Many times, woman is written in the voter ID card of a man and sometimes male is written in the voter ID card of a woman. Whether you get a card made, or a mobile connection, or an electricity connection, or a gas connection, or a pipeline connection, it seems as if the employee feeding the data has taken an oath to do the right thing. So it doesn’t have to be done. The condition of government banks is even worse. The most unfortunate thing is that despite generational change i.e. recruitment of young employees, such mistakes have not stopped happening.

In such a situation, there is a need that an SOP should be made for all the departments related to the general public, in which there should be not only a provision for fine for such mistakes but also a plan up to dismissal from the job so that the habit of deliberate negligence is stopped. Can go. Because even though this problem may sound small, every person in this country suffers from such problems at one time or the other. Therefore there is a need to make a national policy or law in this matter.

-Santosh Pathak

(The author is a senior journalist and columnist.)

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