Afghanistan swept away in the flood of Rohit Sharma, then why did the Pakistani cricketer call him ‘harsh’?

Indian captain in the 9th match of ICC World Cup 2023 on 11 October Rohit Sharma Pakistani cricketers also have a lot of respect for the defeat of Afghanistan’s bowlers. He is describing this century and record innings of Rohit Sharma in a brilliant manner. The latest example of this is former Pakistani cricketer and commentator Rameez Raja This can be gauged from the latest statement of Rohit Sharma, in which he has called Rohit Sharma a ruthless genius. However, Indian fans have objected to the use of the word ruthless.

India and Pakistan will compete on 14 October

Rohit Sharma’s historic innings has attracted everyone. While the fans praised it wholeheartedly, the opponents also praised it. India’s next match will be played against Pakistan on 14th October i.e. Saturday. Earlier, after watching Rohit Sharma’s batting, Rameez Raja said on a TV channel show that ‘Rohit Sharma is Ruthless Genius.’

Other batsmen have to use strength to hit a six.

He said that after seeing Rohit Sharma on the field, it did not seem that he was having any difficulty in hitting a six. Raja said that if you look at other batsmen, they have to use a lot of strength to send the ball out of the boundary. Raja compared such batsmen to whippers. He said that such clumsiness while batting is not seen in Rohit Sharma’s batting. He plays natural cricket. Timing is strict.

Rohit raises the bat and the ball crosses the boundary.

Rameez said that as soon as Rohit Sharma thinks that this short can be converted into a six, he raises his bat and the ball goes beyond the boundary. His timing in this is superb.

Afghanistan brought Rashid Khan late

On bringing Afghanistan’s best bowler Rashid Khan for bowling late, Rameez Raja said that the team’s strategy was not right in the match. Rohit Sharma was playing an explosive innings, at that time Afghanistan fielded their star bowler. This was a late decision. Rashid Khan also got swept away in the flood of Rohit Sharma. After that Rashid was bowling the pace ball to Rohit, which was a childish decision. In such a situation, Rohit batted correctly and gave a lesson to Rashid Khan.

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