After all, what is Modi’s guarantee? Why does everyone say that Modi Hai To Mumkin Hai?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gives many messages with his every step, that is why only ‘Modi’s Guarantee’ works in India. The problem may be the gravest, but everyone from the common man to the special person has full faith in its solution because everyone knows that ‘if Modi is there, it is possible’ is not an election slogan but the biggest reality of today. Fully aware of the height of the sky and the depth of the earth, Modi always keeps his feet on the ground, that is why his victory chariot always runs with success in electoral politics.

When Modi flies in Tejas fighter plane, not only does the enemy’s heart tremble but it also leads to global branding of India’s indigenous defense products. When Modi goes ‘snorkeling’ in Lakshadweep, the question arises in the minds of the opposition as to what he has set out to discover in the depths of the sea. Besides, the pictures of the Prime Minister also become a global advertisement for this beautiful island of India. Similarly, during the Corona period, when Modi went in the morning in an auto rickshaw to get the Corona vaccine, the same message was sent that despite holding the post of Prime Minister, Modi went to the hospital in a simple manner and took the vaccine dose when his turn came. By riding an auto rickshaw, Modi had also given the message of his feet being planted on the earth and common and special being equal in India.

The pain that Modi has in his heart for the poor and the oppressed remains visible from time to time through the decisions of his government. Modi not only makes schemes for the poor but also visits the homes of the beneficiaries to know whether the benefits of the schemes are reaching them without any corruption or not? By improving the social status of women and making them self-reliant and by passing the Nari Shakti Vandan Bill, by giving them their pending and due rights, Modi has received such blessings of women power that even before various elections, all the exit polls had predicted the defeat of BJP. However, women stand as Modi’s protective shield. Apart from this, Modi discusses the examinations with the students to boost their morale and gives them the mantra to deal with the challenges. Modi encourages the youth to set up their own industries. The Prime Minister’s regular interactions with all sections of the society including farmers, youth, artists, sportspersons, scientists and doctors have endeared him to every heart. When Modi comes in military attire, the enthusiasm of the soldiers goes high. Whenever Modi goes in the metro, there is a competition to take selfies. When Modi is on the global stage, even the biggest leaders seem eager to shake hands or hug him. While the American President calls Modi more popular than himself, the Australian Prime Minister calls him the boss. If the Prime Minister of any country touches the feet of Modi, then all the heads of state seem eager to give him the highest honor of their country. India’s friendly countries praise Modi, but enemies Pakistan and China also accept that under Modi’s leadership, India has become increasingly strong in every field.

Modi makes such preparations to deal with natural disasters that storms and cyclones have just started touching our shores. Modi government has been very successful in preventing loss of life and property. Apart from this, if Modi guarantees food, water, education, development, employment, relief from inflation, medical facilities and other basic facilities to Indians, then he also guarantees help to the world in case of need. During the pandemic, the world saw that by running the Vaccine Maitri campaign, the entire world, especially the poor countries, were given the vaccine to protect themselves from the corona virus. Apart from this, the situation today is that if there is an earthquake or any other natural disaster anywhere in the world, immediately on the instructions of Modi, Indian relief workers set out to help. How much global influence Modi has can be understood from the fact that if a war breaks out, the countries fighting there, on the instructions of Modi, give a safe way to the Indians to escape safely. The countries of the region never get tired of expressing their gratitude to Modi for the way Modi raised the issues of the Global South and made the world aware of the needs of these countries. The way India is becoming self-reliant in every field under Modi rule, the sound of India’s success is ringing from the ground to the moon, the way India has stood as a global economic power and during the presidency of G20, it has presented itself to the world. It has proved that it is capable of leading the world, due to which the countries of the world have been forced to change their old opinion about India. If the world is trusting the personality of Narendra Modi, then the biggest reason for that is that the whole world believes that he is such a politician who will not let the interests of his country be harmed at any cost.

Also, Modi’s approval rating of 76 percent across the world shows that ‘Modi’s Guarantee’ is a hit in India and ‘Modi’s magic’ is a superhit in the world. However, Modi, who continues to remain on the heights of popularity in the world, is equally connected to the ground. Modi maintains direct communication with the public through various mediums. It is often seen that the celebrities who reach the pinnacle of popularity start considering themselves God and they like to get people to praise them, but Modi tells his partymen and the common people that they do not care about his name. He should be called only as Modi. Modi does not want any kind of distance from the public and his leaders, hence he stays away from every kind of formality.

However, those who have still not understood the meaning of Modi’s guarantee can take the most recent example from those aboard a hijacked commercial ship in the North Arabian Sea. When all of them were rescued by the Indian Navy, their first reaction was that they had full hope that the Indian government would definitely come to their help. The workers trapped in the tunnel of Uttarkashi also had similar faith that the Modi government would save them. If seen today, if the situation is bad anywhere in the world, the Indians living there have full confidence that the Indian government will definitely come to save them at any cost. This is Modi’s guarantee.

-Neeraj Kumar Dubey

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