After Hamas attack on Israel, China’s efforts to play an important role in West Asia suffered a setback.

Chinese President Xi Jinping met the Palestinian President in Beijing in June and invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for an official visit to China. Netanyahu accepted the invitation and China was on its way to playing a larger role in West Asia. However, on October 7, Hamas attacked Israel, which dealt a blow to China’s efforts. After Hamas’ attack on Israel, uncertainty has arisen regarding Netanyahu’s visit to China at the end of this month. Experts say that Israel is disappointed by China’s neutrality regarding the Israel-Hamas war, but China can benefit in the long run by building closer relations with Arab countries.

Shi Yinhong, a professor of international relations at Renmin University of China in China, said, “China’s West Asia plan has been thrown into disarray, if only for a short time, due to the war. America, a staunch supporter of Israel, is directly or indirectly involved. Who is going to listen to China?” China’s envoy to Middle East Zhai Jun spoke by phone with Palestinian and Egyptian officials last week and called for an immediate ceasefire and humanitarian support for the Palestinian people. Zhai also told Israeli officials that China has no interest in the Palestinian issue, but has always stood for peace, fairness and justice.

China is willing to work with the international community to promote peace and encourage dialogue, he said. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi more strongly supported Palestine, saying that the crux of the matter is that the Palestinian people have not been treated justice. “This conflict once again proves that the way to resolve the Palestine issue lies in resuming genuine peace negotiations as soon as possible and realizing the legitimate rights of the Palestinian nation,” Wang said during talks with an adviser to the Brazilian president. lies in doing. China has long been advocating a two-state solution, which calls for the creation of an independent Palestinian state.

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