Ahmedabad: SVPI Airport honored with 5 awards at Quality Concept Convention. Loktej Business, Ahmedabad News

Ahmedabad-based Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport (SVPI) has been honored with an award for its initiative towards excellent passenger experience. Airport teams showcased projects at the Ahmedabad Chapter Convention on Quality Concept Competition organized by Quality Circle Forum of India. He was awarded five gold awards in the categories of Kaizen, 5S and Allied Concepts.

The airport’s dedicated efforts to improve passenger experience and the implementation of SVPI became the focus of attention in the competition. The airport is constantly working to provide the best services and enhance the overall travel experience.

The awards ceremony honored several initiatives launched by the airport. In which there was also talk of improving the drainage system in the new F&B area. Additionally, energy-saving initiatives include approaches such as upgrading the air conditioning system in the radar building with environmentally friendly refrigerant (R-410), installing highly efficient centrifugal chillers and high-efficiency cooling towers, resulting in significant energy savings. There is savings.

Various initiatives of the SVPI Airport Customer Experience Team were also appreciated. These include dedicated space at each baggage belt to collect the luggage of wheelchair passengers, reserved parking, drop-off/pickup areas for wheelchair passengers in both terminals and accessible toilets for passengers with disabilities. The initiative taken by the airport’s engineering and maintenance team has resulted in water savings by replacing washroom aerators.

The facility management team of SVPI Airport was awarded for implementing the 5S concept, which included paperless washrooms, signature AHU aroma system, creative fire extinguisher placement, attractive “under maintenance signage” as well as provision of luggage racks in toilets. Initiatives are included. Scooter mops and scooter pushers for manual cleaning. Luggage trolleys were introduced to facilitate luggage removal and improve operational efficiency.

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