Ahmedabad: The Governor congratulated the farmers doing natural farming of Mundra at Raj Bhavan. Loktej Business, Regional News


Mundra-based Adani Foundation is constantly making efforts to promote natural farming. The Foundation has taken steps to realize the noble goal of making farmers adopt organic farming and providing food free from chemical fertilizers to the people. A one-to-one meeting was held with the Governor of Gujarat on Thursday to seek important guidance in this regard. Acharya Devvrat ji discussed with the farmers and gave beneficial advice and suggestions in agricultural production.

Farmers of Kutch’s first Shrirajshakti Pratikrik Krishi Sahakari Society received guidance from the Governor to increase natural farming production in a one-on-one meeting. Devvrat ji appreciated the ongoing campaign to prepare food grains free from poison and fear. Farmers presented their natural products to Devvrat ji and exchanged experiences of natural farming. After this tour, new energy was infused in the farmers.
Congratulating the farmers, the Governor said, “Today I am seeing the ideas of natural farming flourishing in the minds of the farmers. I have never seen an organic farmer sad. I congratulate you for bringing all the farmer sisters together.

He said that once the sisters decide, they stick to it for life. The love of nature inside all of you has brought you to the Raj Bhavan. Also congratulated those farmers whose organic carbon of their farm is more than 2.0. Devvratji appealed to the farmers to take collective responsibility of taking Mundra tehsil towards natural farming. Not only this, the five dimensions of natural agriculture, Jeevamrit, Ghan Jeevamrit, Earthworm, Achchadan and Panchgavya were suggested to get excellent products in agriculture by using them at home.

Mundra-Mandvi MLA Anirudhbhai Dave encouraged the farmers for this tour, he said that Kutch has always been a pioneer in taking initiative in everything, I am sure our farmers will not back down in this matter. We will all work together to ensure that your products get a good market.

Gujarat CSR of Adani Foundation on this occasion. Chief Rowben Shah thanked the governor and assured that “the Adani family will never back down from repaying the debt to nature. Will always stand by the farmers and fulfill the social responsibility of the industry”.

Farmers also got guidance from Gopal Sutariya at Bansi Gir Gaushala for cow based farming. Not only this, he also visited Ahmedabad-based “Srishti Innovations” to understand the marketing system of natural agricultural products to increase demand abroad. Society will be able to get fear free food only when the world prepares grains, vegetables and fruits by keeping Mother Earth free from poisons.

As a result of the initiative taken by the Adani Foundation, the Shrirajshakti Natural Agricultural Cooperative Market was established. The organization which started with 30 farmers is flourishing today with more than 225 members.

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