AI will solve complex problems: Musk


Washington (Best Hindu News): Social media company Twitter owner Elon Musk said he believes the safest form of artificial intelligence (AI) is one that seeks maximum truth and is eager to solve complex problems that humans are not capable of solving. Are. Musk said on Friday that my approach to security on AI is like trying to make it more inquisitive maximum truth seeker. AGI will be an important threshold for solving critical problems.

He also reiterated the need to establish AI oversight and not get into a situation in which companies can completely decide what they want to do with AI. He introduces the members of his new company, XAI, which aims to study the nature of reality. The XAI team includes other members with experience at AI companies such as DeepMind and OpenAI. He added that it will take some time for XAI to become relevant at the Microsoft and Google DeepMind AI scale.

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