Aksai Chin: Chinache Bogde in Aksai China of India!


New Delhi; circle body : In the 1962 war, China has started works of bogs in Aksai Chin or the territory of India occupied by China, only satellite photographs have come to the fore. 60 kms from Depsang China is making bogs in the distance. Aksai Chin

India’s claim on that part remains intact. A situation of conflict has emerged in Ladakh earlier. After that, as a response to the fire on China’s border, India prepared itself. Or attempts to break Sajjtela have started from China. Anvelche is expected to be used as a bunker or Bogdyancha for soldiers and weapons. Aksai Chin

Such bunkers are being built at 11 places on both sides of the river from China. The pace of construction has increased in the last few months. India should keep its weapons and soldiers safe from possible air strikes, yes for China.

Satellite Image 4 Nave Bunker

Maxar Technology or Organization has highlighted the satellite image or area that China has built nine bunkers on August 18. Tekdyantun bogades are made at every place. Heavy machinery is visible in many places. The road in the middle has been widened. As a protection against direct attacks, mud has been poured around the bunker. Katari vibrations have been done at the entry and exit points of the bunker.

Accepting the possibility of war at any moment, China has prepared itself as a pre-emptive answer to the Indian air strike. After the Galwan Sino-Indian violent skirmish, the Indian Army has also increased its preparedness for counter-offensive with the modernization of artillery along the China border. In order to hide in such a situation, China keeps building Aksai Chin in such a situation, such observation is not given by strategic experts.

Dragon’s mind game!

  • In the 19th military commander-level meeting in Ladakh, China would have shown its readiness to withdraw from its military buffer zone.
  • South Africa’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping met, only then Jinping would have shown readiness for military action from Ladakh.
  • Xi Jinping is visiting India for the G-20 Council. Earlier, India’s Aksai Chin and Arunachal Pradesh were part of India’s map.

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