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Kathmandu, 05 September (Hindustan Times). China’s ambassador to Nepal, Chen Song, has made objectionable statements regarding the relationship between Nepal and India and the economic condition of Nepal. In a program organized by Federation of Trans Himalayan Research in Kathmandu, he made such remarks on Indo-Nepal relations which are not only against diplomatic dignity but also objectionable regarding the relations between Nepal and India.

Ambassador Song said in the beginning of the speech that it is unfortunate for Nepal to have a neighbor like India. The remarks of the Ambassador of China on India’s economic policy and neighborhood policy are also very objectionable. In his address, the Chinese ambassador said that India is becoming economically strong and capable, this illusion is being spread all over the world. While the truth is that India is not doing economic growth in any way. There can be no comparison between the economic condition of China and India.

The Chinese ambassador said that when India’s own economic condition is bad, how can it support Nepal’s economy? Chen Song said that Nepal should end its dependence on India and do economic business with China. Citing the example of power purchase and sale between India and Nepal, the Chinese ambassador said that Nepal sells power worth Rs 10 million to India and buys power worth Rs 19 million from India, so how can the trade deficit be reduced.

The spoiled words of the Chinese ambassador did not stop here. He said that because of India’s policy towards its neighboring countries, no neighboring country can ever grow economically. He says that Nepal should learn something from China’s economy. The future of China is very bright. He said that China is helping to boost the economy of very less developed countries like Nepal.

The Chinese ambassador suggested to Nepal that while reconsidering Nepal’s economic policy, it should change its policy with India. He has also advised Nepal to learn from the structure of the Chinese economy instead of India’s illusory economy.

This objectionable statement by the Chinese Ambassador is facing all-round protest in Nepal. Some Nepalese diplomats said that the comments made by the Chinese ambassador on Nepal-India relations were objectionable. Deep Kumar Upadhyay, Nepal’s former ambassador to India, said, “The Chinese ambassador’s remarks on the historical relations between Nepal and India are unacceptable. Rajkishore Yadav, chairman of the parliamentary committee on international affairs, said that the ambassador of any country has no right to speak about our relations with any third country. The statement of the Chinese Ambassador is contrary to diplomatic conventions and is condemnable.

Former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuva’s foreign affairs advisor Arun Suvedi demanded action against the Chinese ambassador’s remarks on Nepal-India relations, terming them as gross violations of diplomatic decorum. Suvedi said that if such remarks had been made by an ambassador in America or any country in Europe, he would have been sent back immediately.

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