Along with your children’s studies, take care of their lunch box food as well, they will always be active and healthy.


Healthy lunch box for kids: The burden of school and studies makes children tired quickly, in such a situation, children should take a balanced diet to keep them healthy and maintain energy. Instead of sugary drinks, include fresh fruits, beverages like lassi and buttermilk in the lunchbox. Nutrient-rich food contains essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Make sure to include fruits and vegetables rich in essential nutrients and fiber while making tiffin for children. Try to give something new every day without making tiffin boring.

Children in captivity of fast-food culture, make distance from chocolate and chips

Affected by various types of advertisements and offers, children have come under the fast-food culture, as a result of which they are suffering from many diseases along with obesity at an early age. Along with nutritious food at home, it is very important to eat nutritious food in the school lunch box, like instead of chips, give them roasted Makhana. Instead of fine flour, give preference to the options made of semolina-flour and coarse grains and make spinach by grinding. Give a colorful lunch to children with green chapatti or puris, items made of red beetroot. Sometimes, make an upma of sago or make spicy cutlets of mixed vegetables.

The treasure of health is hidden in it

Whole grains are rich in fiber instead of polished grains, which are easily digested and also take care of your child’s heart. Give children dry fruits like almonds, raisins, cashews, figs to eat. Health benefits. Along with balance diet, physical exercise is also very important. Tell the importance of regular exercise to children, do involve children in indoor as well as outdoor sports. Improve your irregular routine also because children follow the same. Are.

Today’s children are the future of the country. Taking care of children’s health means taking care of tomorrow, our small participation is a strong step towards a healthy family as well as strengthening the foundation of the country.

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