Ameesha Patel, who taunted Bipasha Basu had said 20 years ago, ‘Dadi will not give permission’, what is she doing now?


Bollywood actor Ameesha Patel is in constant headlines these days due to the upcoming movie ‘Gadar 2’. Meanwhile, his 20-year-old statement has come into the limelight, which he gave to Bipasha Basu for the movie ‘Jism’ (2003). He taunted Bipasha that she would never do a movie like ‘Jism’ as her grandmother would never allow it. Bipasha retaliated on Karan Johar’s show ‘Koffee with Karan’ after hearing this from Ameesha. Now after so many years, if we look into Ameesha’s life, then the same question comes to mind that what is she doing herself?

First let us tell you when and how this cold war between Ameesha Patel and Bipasha Basu started? Actually, a 20-year-old video of Ameesha surfaced, in which she is seen giving her opinion about Bipasha’s ‘Jism’. She says, ‘I never work in such a movie, because my grandmother does not like it.’

Bipasha Basu retaliated

Bipasha Basu in ‘Jism’

After this, Karan Johar told Bipasha about this in the show, after which the actress also hit back saying, ‘Amisha does not have such a body that she can work in films like ‘Jism’. I would never cast Ameesha for such a movie. A movie like this needs a woman who is a total package. There should not only be a body but also a personality. His whole frame is wrong. She is small and will never fit in ‘Jism’.

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Ameesha once again said this

After Bipasha’s retort, when Ameesha was asked about this, the actress said that she did not know why Lara Dutta (Lara was also with Bipasha in the show) and Bipasha had spoken about her like this. She said, ‘I did a world tour with Bipasha, I used to get along well with her. Worked with Lara in ‘Alaan’. She was very polite during the entire shoot. However, apart from this, Ameesha did not say anything further.

A lot has changed in 20 years

ameesha patel

During the journey of 20 years, a lot has changed in Ameesha’s life. There was a time when he made his Bollywood debut with the movie ‘Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai’ and created a buzz. After this, she won the hearts of the audience by becoming Sakina in ‘Gadar’, but then she could not taste success for many years. Her back-to-back films flopped and it is said that her career was affected due to her affair with Vikram Bhatt and blaming her parents.

Personal life has an impact on career!

Actually Vikram Bhatt was married at that time. Despite this, he and Ameesha were in a relationship for 5 years. However, both of them never publicly accepted the relationship and there came a day when they parted ways. Meanwhile, Ameesha accused her parents of misusing her earnings and imposed a fine of Rs 12 crore. So.

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What is Ameesha herself doing now?

Amisha also turned to South Industry. Did many films there too. But if you look at her social media, she has changed a lot over the years. She has a connection with controversies, but now seeing the way she shares her revealing photos and videos, you will definitely say that now 47-year-old Ameesha herself is doing things for which she once taunted Bipasha. Was.

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