America: A gunman fired indiscriminately in Philadelphia, 4 people died, 2 injured


Philadelphia: A gunman wearing a ‘bullproof jacket’ opened fire indiscriminately in the US city of Philadelphia on Monday night, killing four people and injuring two others. Police said the assailant appeared to have targeted pedestrians and that there was no known connection between the victims and the gunman at this time. Police Commissioner Daniel Outlaw told a news conference that the shooting took place in some streets in the city of Kingessing. Officers pursued the suspect and arrested him in an alley after he surrendered.

Outlaw said, “All we know right now is that this individual came out of his house and started targeting people.” He said the suspect was wearing a ‘bulletproof vest’, had several magazines, There was an ‘AR-type rifle’, a handgun and a police scanner. Police officers were dispatched to the area after receiving several reports of gunshots in the town of Kingsaising. Police found some people with gunshot wounds and as they were taking them to the hospital heard more gunshots.

The age of the suspected attacker is said to be 40 years. No one else has been taken into custody yet and no other information is available. Outlaw said the deceased men were between the ages of 20 and 59. The ages of the two boys admitted in the hospital are two and 13 years. His condition is stable. They do not seem to have any relation with the attacker and the victims. The incident comes a day after a shooting in Baltimore killed two people and injured 28 others, according to officials. According to the data, the shooting in Philadelphia is the 29th incident of mass shooting in the country this year.

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