America: Biden 10 points behind Trump in pre-election survey

According to new pre-election surveys by media organizations in America, US President Joe Biden is behind former President Donald Trump in terms of popularity in the general elections to be held in 2024. This claim has been made in the survey results of ‘Washington Post’ and ‘ABC News’.

According to the survey, “Trump has got 51 points and Biden has got 42 points.” Trump is far ahead of his rivals among the contenders to become the Republican candidate in the US presidential election. The Republican Party’s nominating process officially begins in January with the New Hampshire primary and Iowa caucuses.

Among other contenders to become the Republican nominee, the popularity of former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy has increased in recent weeks. Despite this, Trump is far ahead of him and political analysts believe that there is every possibility of him becoming the party’s candidate.

Survey results released on Sunday by ‘Washington Post-ABC News’ said that a record number of Americans say their situation has worsened during Biden’s tenure.

Three-fourths of people say that Biden is too old and it is not possible for him to hold the presidency for another term. He says that Trump looks better in retrospect. However, ‘Washington Post’ disagrees with the results of the survey.

This leading American newspaper said that according to the survey, Trump seems to be ahead of Biden by 10 points, but this result does not match with the results of other surveys because according to other surveys, there is a tough competition between the two rivals.

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