America Poltoy! temperature at danger level


Washington, DC: Due to excessive rains in India, the old problem has arisen in some places, while the temperature in America is increasing continuously. The Meteorological Department has indicated that the temperature in America will cross the dangerous level next week. There are 11 crore 30 lakh people in the country who are suffering from heat waves.

As a precaution, advance alerts have been issued by the administration in Florida, California and Washington. The administration has made such an appeal to not spread any fraud regarding health. The mercury would have reached 48 degrees Celsius in America’s Arizona province on Saturday. On the other hand, the situation would have been dire in Death Valley in California. It is predicted that the temperature here will go up to 54 degrees in the next week.

Italy, Spain, France, Germany Alert

The European Space Agency has issued a heat alert in Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Poland. In Rome, Italy, the temperature can go up to 44 degrees. Due to the rising temperature in Spain, the forests in the Canary Islands are becoming extinct. People in Greece are shocked by the heat.

climate change consequences

Every year 50 lakh people in the world die due to extreme heat or extreme cold.
According to the amendment of the University of Cambridge in 2019, it can reduce the size of human height and brain.
More than 300 dead bodies and bodies of human beings would have been amended for this.
Homo habilis or human brain of 3 million years ago would have been 3 times bigger than that of today’s humans.
Death Valley Vikram Modnar
Death Valley is one of the hottest places in the world. In the next week, the temperature here will be increased by Vikram Modit.

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