America teaches accused to kill by giving poisonous injection

Florida, Circle: Nearly 25 years after a man accused of murdering his girlfriend in Florida, America, has been given a terrible lesson. The accused, Michael Jack Yala Maitrin and a female employee of a bar, Rayvon Smith Hitchie, were killed by poisonous injection in the murder case. Michael used to work in that bar.

In June 1996, Mykalne Ravonla became Maitrien for the first time. After that he beat her and one day he stabbed her to death. The accused was accused of murdering a person named Michael i.e. Laura. Or Michael would have been found guilty in the case. In this he is given a separate sentence of life imprisonment.

Michael Yanehi has confessed to the murder of Revonchi. Raven got angry by making fun of my desired death. That’s why Tila beat me. Revoncha’s sister would have killed me. To avenge him, Michael said that he would kill Revanchi.

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