American Airlines pilots union asked not to fly to Israel citing war


The American Airlines Pilots Union has called on its members not to fly to Israel, citing the ongoing war between Israelis and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The union’s president, Ed Sicher, said in an email to members that airline pilots should not fly to Israel until they “are assured of the safety of the region.”

The email cites recent advice from the US State Department, which states that the current situation in Israel “remains unpredictable” and that mortar and rocket attacks could occur at any time without warning, leading to Planes may be in danger.

“It is not prudent or appropriate to knowingly put our aircrew members and passengers in harm’s way by maintaining flights over a war zone,” Sicher said.

Israel formally declared war on Sunday when it launched retaliatory airstrikes on the Gaza Strip in response to a major surprise attack by Hamas.

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