Anju Pakistan News In Hindi Nasrullah Pashtun Tribes Know About It


Islamabad: Anju, who fled from India to Pakistan, has married Nasrullah. Anju converted to Islam and changed her name to Fatima. The Nasrullah whom Anju is married to is a resident of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan and is a Pashtun. You must have seen Anju speaking in the video before marrying Nasrullah. But after marriage no statement is coming from Anju’s side. In fact, in the area where Nasrullah comes from, women are confined to their homes only, so it seems that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has affected Anju alias Fatima. Apart from this, in the tribe from which Nasrullah comes, there are battles to establish rights over women. In such a situation, a big question is being raised even after Anju comes to India? Let us know about the Pashtun tribe of Nasrullah.

Pashtun is also known as Pushtan, Pakhtun and Pathan. The population of Pashtuns in Pakistan is found in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, FATA and Balochistan bordering Afghanistan. Apart from this, they also live in Afghanistan. According to a Britannica report, at the beginning of the 21st century, 25 million Pashtuns were in Pakistan and 11 million in Afghanistan. Pashtun people speak Pashto language. Pashtuns are believed to be the descendants of people who lived to the east of the Persian Empire. At the same time, many people also say that the roots of Pashtuns are connected to Israel. Pashtuns are Sunni Muslims. Their population in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is close to 14 million.

Pashtuns have their own law

The social structure of the Pashtuns is based on Pashtun law, which is associated with tribal honor and Sharia. It is necessary to speak Pashtu and follow the customs here. Pashtuns can give hospitality, protect guests, protect property, family honor and even give their lives for their women. Pashtuns have their own panchayat. Apart from this, women are kept separate from matters outside the home. Women have to cover their head, feet and hands completely. For this she wears a burqa.

marriage is forced

The Pashtuns have two special wedding customs. The first custom is arranged marriage, in which the boy and the girl meet each other only on the wedding day. Before that they have never met each other. Sometimes marriage is fixed in childhood itself. Another custom is the Ghag, in which a girl’s hand is forcibly sought. Ghag means announcement. It is generally seen that a man who wants to get married goes to the crossroads and fires bullets in the air and then takes the name of the girl and warns everyone that no one can marry her. Apart from this, he also threatens the girl’s family, demanding an early marriage.

If a girl’s name is announced, three things usually happen. First that she will have to marry against her will, second that she will never get married and third that her family will keep fighting with the boy’s family. Although many times it has been seen in this practice that the elders also announce. In a report published in The Atlantic, a woman told that in 2005 a married man had asked her to marry him. The most surprising thing was that the daughter of this man was equal to that woman. Later this marriage took place in the name of tradition. However, today many people are raising their voice against this practice as well.

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