Another enemy of India eliminated! Murder of close friend of Hafiz Saeed, scene captured on camera; watch video

karachi (Uttam Hindu News): The news of the destruction of another enemy of India has come to light. Most wanted terrorist Qaiser Farooq has been shot dead in Pakistan. A video is going viral on X (Twitter). It is clearly visible that after the murder of Farooq, who was associated with Lashkar-e-Taiba, some people are seen running away. However, it is not yet clear when and what time the video is from. The footage is said to be from Karachi. Qaiser Farooq was a most wanted terrorist. He is said to be close to Hafiz Saeed.

It is seen in the CCTV footage that Qaiser Farooq is walking with some people when suddenly the sound of gunshots is heard. As soon as the sound of bullets echoes, people standing nearby start running to save their lives and look for a place to hide. While a person falls on the ground. It is being said that that person is terrorist Qaiser Farooq.

Watch VIDEO-

According to a report in Pakistani newspaper Dawn, a person named Qaiser Farooq has been shot dead in Karachi. However, it is not yet clear whether he is one of India’s most wanted terrorists or someone else. On the other hand, defense experts are calling him terrorist Qaiser Farooq.

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