Anti-government toolkits have become active, some movements have been formed, some are about to be formed.

As the time for Lok Sabha elections is getting closer, the tool kits that can spoil the atmosphere of the country have also started becoming active. The first demonstration in the series of tool kits was seen in Haldwani, Devbhoomi, Uttarakhand. The fire of violence in Haldwani has not yet completely cooled down that the second tool kit of the farmers’ movement has been launched from Punjab. The government is continuously talking to the agitating farmers, but looking at the demands of the farmers, their stubborn attitude and the politics behind the scenes, the matter does not seem to be resolved easily. Between these two toolkits, the third toolkit related to the wrestler movement has also been activated. The matter is completely clear that before the Lok Sabha elections, the image of Modi government is being damaged on every front. Lok Sabha election dates have not been announced yet. It would not be surprising if several other tool kits become active by the time the dates are announced.

In the last five years, farmers’ movement, wrestler movement, noise in Parliament, riots in Shaheen Bagh, Delhi and Nuh, violence in Manipur, spreading false stories of land grabbing by China, noise of Pegasus, phone tapping and hacking, Adani and Ambani’s All these protests were part of some tool kit. Depending on the time, need and the person in front, the desired tool kit is activated and politics is done on it. Human rights are talked about. Chests are beaten, crocodile tears are shed and fools are made to show the atmosphere of unrest and anarchy in the country. When the government compromises, it is proved weak and wrong. And when the government insists, it is given cruel, unconstitutional and inhumane metaphors like dictator and what not.

It is not that opposing the government is a new practice. A strong opposition is considered very important in a democracy. But when protest is done just for the sake of protest, the percentage of positivity in it reduces. Ever since the Modi government came to power, the opposition has been working on a strategy to damage the image of the government through some toolkit instead of fighting directly. He feels that by damaging the image of the government, he can turn the situation in his favor. It is a different matter that he did not get success in his efforts in a decade.

The way the country’s capital was held hostage for more than a year in the name of Shaheen Bagh and farmers’ movement in Delhi, it became clear that these movements were not spontaneous but politically inspired. Protest against CAA and NRC, Delhi riots, Nuh and Haldwani violence. Even though the places were different, the method of committing violence was the same. Everything is predetermined and determined. Suddenly a mob will come from nowhere, pelt stones, commit arson, create a terrible disturbance and then disappear completely.

At present, farmers are agitating for the demand of making Minimum Support Price (MSP) law. The government and the farmers have their own arguments. The path of making MSP law is very winding and full of difficulties, farmers also know this. But the politically motivated agitators are not ready to listen and accept anything. The entire country knows what happened in the farmers’ movement two years ago. The so-called farmers held Delhi hostage for a year. Part two of the farmers’ movement has started. Talks are going on between the government and the agitating farmers. Amidst all this, a video of Jagjit Singh Dallewal, President of Bharatiya Kisan Union Sidhupur is going viral, in which he is saying that the graph of Prime Minister Narendra Modi had increased a lot after the construction of Ram Temple. Have to bring him down. Dallewal’s video has started raising questions on the entire farmers’ movement. Because the discussion among the people was about how such a big movement had arisen suddenly. Because in 2020, 34 farmer organizations of Punjab were protesting against three agricultural laws. Whereas this movement is being carried out by only 2 farmer organizations.

The video of Dallewal has surfaced indicating that the farmers’ movement was created with a political intention to tarnish the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the construction of Ram Temple and lakhs of people were put in trouble. Because from what Dallewal said in the video, the chances are very less and Modi’s graph is very high. Which clearly indicates that the aim was to create an atmosphere against Modi before the code of conduct was imposed for the Lok Sabha elections. Because after the implementation of the code of conduct, agitation cannot be started in election activities.

Amidst the farmers’ movement, Congress is promising legal guarantee regarding MSP. But when the UPA government was in power, it refused to implement the recommendations of the Swaminathan Commission. Today, since his party’s government is not in power, he is also aware of what is going to happen to him in the next elections. In such a situation, it can be easily understood what she wants to prove by provoking the farmers and making empty promises.

Miscreants pelted stones at the police and district administration team that had gone to demolish the illegal madrassa and mosque in Banbhulpura, Haldwani, Devbhoomi, Uttarakhand. The miscreants also set fire to the vehicles of police, municipal corporation and journalists, during which many policemen were also injured. Despite this, if you pay attention to the statements of Congress leaders engrossed in appeasement, you will easily get an idea from where the mischievous elements get their life force. Senior Congress leader and former Chief Minister Harish Rawat said, “The draft of UCC has been passed. An attempt has been made to target a section. An attempt was made to interfere in the personal law of that class. The message has been sent from him that he is being suppressed. Due to which the incident has been seen. The effort should be to maintain peace. The violence took place during the removal of illegal encroachment but Harish Rawat is saying that the matter is of UCC.

If we talk about the wrestler movement, it has the open support of Congress and many other parties. For the last one year, wrestlers have been protesting as per their convenience. After the farmers’ movement, the tool kit of the wrestler’s movement has also become active. Sakshi Malik and Bajrang Punia alleged that Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) chief Sanjay Singh used fraudulent means to get the ban imposed by United World Wrestling lifted. Both threatened to resume protests against WFI. The colors and antics of the wrestler movement are well known. The political intentions of the agitating wrestlers are also not hidden from anyone. The whole country wants that the wrestlers should get justice, but the tactics and politics they are using to get justice makes the matter seem suspicious.

Lok Sabha elections are round the corner. In such a situation, in the coming days, the countrymen may get to see new toolkits along with the old ones. In fact, the opposition, in some way or the other, wants to maintain such an environment in the country so that the Modi government cannot take credit for its achievements. And his image became anti-laborers, farmers, women, sportspersons, youth and the poor. The opposition should leave the help of toolkits and go among the people and raise their issues, because the real strength of democracy lies in public opinion.

– Dr. Ashish Vashishtha

(The author is a senior freelance journalist)

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