Anupama: Bapuji left the Anupama show after Maya? Haven’t been seen for a long time, know what is the truth


Anupam: TV serial Anupama is on top these days. For a long time, Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna starrer show has remained a favorite of the audience. The story of the show revolves around Anupama going to America. Maya wants her to get away from Anuj’s life quickly. On the other hand, fans are missing Bapuji i.e. actor Arvind Vaidya in the show. He has not been seen in the show for a long time. In such a situation, the question is coming in the mind of the fans whether he has left the show or not.

Arvind Vaidya bids goodbye to Anupama!

Arvind Vaidya, who is playing the role of Bapuji in Anupama, is missing for almost a month. So let’s tell you why he is not seen in the serial. In a conversation with ETimes, the actor told that he is currently holidaying in America and hence has not been able to shoot for the show. He told that his son lives in Atlanta and he went to him with his wife. In January itself, he had applied for the leave and had taken the tickets.

Arvind Vaidya said this

Arvind Vaidya told that this track plan was not done when he had gone. He had shot his part at that time. Also said that he is missing the shooting of Anupama. At the same time, earlier there was news of Pakhi i.e. Muskaan Boman leaving the show. However, this rumor turned out to be true. The actress had said, there was some problem with my dates, as I had to shoot for another project simultaneously. It was a web show and I was busy with it. I shot for my part and now I am ready to resume my shoot for Anupamaa.

Anupama will go to America?

As per the new promo, Anupamaa can be seen boarding a flight to America. Anupama is at the airport and her phone does not work. Anuj calls to stop her on the request of little Anu. If reports are to be believed, Anupama will not go to America. Because of this Malti Devi will be very angry. At the same time, it is being said that the real face of Malti is about to come in front of everyone. It will be known that she intentionally wanted to keep Anuj-Anupama away. The secret behind this will also be known in the coming days.

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