Anupama: Kavya’s truth came in front of Vanraj, Anupama left her side, now a new twist will come


Anupam: Anupama’s track has become quite exciting. Anupama aka Rupali Ganguly scolds Kavya for whatever she did to Vanraj. Kavya tells her that she is pregnant with Anirudh’s child. Hearing this, Anupama calls him very bad. She says that she will not accept Kavya’s story and what she did is absolutely wrong. She says that it was not right for her to have an affair with Anirudh after marrying Vanraj. She curses Kavya for betraying Vanraj.

anupama latest track

Anupama’s latest track will show Anupama telling Kavya how a person feels when their partner cheats on them. She tells her decision to Kavya that she has never supported wrong things and will never do so in future. She knows she made a mistake and doesn’t know how to make things better now. Anupama reminds Kavya that she saw Kavya in the bedroom with Vanraj on their 25th wedding anniversary, and she was devastated. Kavya tells Anupama that Anirudh left her knowing her pregnancy and asked her to get an abortion. Kavya shares her grief with Anupama. She says that if she was alone, she would have committed suicide. Kavya says that after getting the love of Vanraj and the whole family, she became greedy and hid this fact from everyone.

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Vanraj searches for Kavya and Anupama. Anupama suggests Kavya to Vanraj to tell him the whole truth. She says that even in such a situation the truth will come out one way or the other and then her child will have to bear everything. Kavya says that she cannot. By then Vanraj comes in the room. Kavya tells Anupama that she cannot tell this to him as it will break him. When he comes to know that this child belongs to Anirudh and not his, then he will be very disappointed. Vanraj overhears these things.

Secret open in front of Vanraj

Vanraj Shah is completely broken knowing this truth and Anupama comes to pacify him. Vanraj remembers his old mistake and remembers how he had cheated her. Vanraj kneels down and apologizes to Anupama for his actions. Now a lot of twist will come ahead. It has to be seen what Vanraj will do next. Will Kavya be able to live in the Shah family? Will Vanraj and his family ever be able to accept this child.

Ankush’s son’s entry in Anupama

In Anupama’s future track, we will see a major twist. Will Anupama accept Ankush’s child? It is possible that he also advised Barkha to stay away from Ankush and seek divorce from him. Will Barkha divorce Ankush or accept his child? Let’s see what happens in the upcoming episodes of Anupamaa.

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