Apple closed these 6 apps! You also delete it, otherwise you will incur losses – apple remove 6 loan app from app store due to wrong policies


Apple has removed 6 dangerous apps from its App Store. The apps that have been removed are all loaning apps. Means all these apps used to provide online loans to the users. In lieu of this loan, heavy interest was charged from the customers. Along with this, wrong methods were adopted for loan recovery. The central government had announced the closure of such loan giving app.

Removed these apps

If reports are to be believed, some lending apps such as White Cash, Pocket Cash and Golden Cash were facing allegations of misuse of users’ data. Also, the apps used to charge excessive processing fees along with charging unnecessary fees. Apart from this, they used to provide loans to the users at a higher interest rate.

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Google has already taken action

Apple said that some loan apps were removed from the App Store because they were in violation of the Apple Developer Program License Agreement and Guidelines. Let us tell you that in the year 2022, the App Store had closed fraudulent lending apps worth more than $ 2 billion. Also, around 428,000 developer accounts were closed. Earlier this year, Google also removed over 3,500 personal loan apps from the Play Store in India in April for violating App Store rules.

remove these apps from phone
If you have White Cash, Pocket Cash and Golden Cash apps present in your smartphone, then remove them. Otherwise such apps can harm you.

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