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Google Vs Apple on iPhone 15 Series C-Port: Rivalry between smartphone maker companies is a common thing. Apple, Google and Samsung are also involved in this rivalry. Recently, Google took a step that has increased the rivalry between the two companies. In fact, Apple has recently announced the date of its annual event. There is a possibility of the launch of the iPhone 15 series in this event. There is a buzz that the iPhone 15 series will have a USB-C port. This is a significant change as Apple has used the Lightning port in its smartphones for the past several years.

Google made fun of Apple’s decision

Google has made fun of this decision of Apple. He has posted a video, in which a Pixel 8 is making fun of Apple’s latest iPhone with a USB-C port. It has been said in the video that Pixel 8 already comes with USB-C port. This move of Google is being seen as a bold step in the smartphone industry. This shows that Google is not afraid of rival companies.

Competition for new features and technologies

This move of Google is a challenge for Apple. It shows that USB-C port is a popular option and other companies are also adopting it. The incident also reflects the intensity of competition in the smartphone industry. Companies are competing with new features and technologies. This event is also good for smartphone users. This gives them the facility of better options.

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Apple’s annual event on September 12 this year

Apple announced the date of its annual event on 30 August. The company’s annual event will be held on September 12 this year, in which Apple Watch, Air Pods Pro are likely to be launched along with the latest iPhone 15. Now Google was also going to be less! The company also told the date of its pixel event to the world. Google will launch the Google Pixel 8 series smartphone market on October 4. The company also told many important features related to Pixel 8.

Apple may provide Type-C port with new version of iPhone

Google Baba did not stop here. He posted a video on the social media platform Instagram about the launch of the new iPhone and enjoyed Apple in a big way. Actually, there is a lot of discussion in the market of rumors that Apple can provide Type-C port with the new version of its iPhone. This means that there may be a farewell to the Lightning port. Google highlighted the same thing in its video. According to Google, the feature for which it got accolades on its first launch, is being brought by Apple in its device.

Apple also enjoyed attending calls through AI

Google did not stop taking Apple’s spin here. Google also enjoyed Apple for some of its other features like unblurring old photos and attending calls through AI. What will happen next? This will be known only in the coming days, but who knows, in the midst of all this, Samsung may also enter this fight. Because these three companies do not leave any chance to take a spin on each other.

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