Are you also troubled by sticky hair during monsoon? So follow these Hair Care Tips – Dainik Savera Times

Mumbai: As soon as monsoon arrives, many problems related to skin and hair start arising. The best way to get rid of oily and sticky hair overnight is to wash your hair with a good quality oil-free shampoo to remove the sticky oil from your hair and scalp. And there are many more options available to solve this problem at home, that too without using any material.

1. Avoid regular washing:

When you wash your hair, you remove the natural moisturizing oils. Washing your hair every day causes your oil glands to become more active and produce more moisturizing oil to compensate for the oil loss, leaving your hair greasy and sticky. To remove oil from your hair, wash your hair with a good oil removing shampoo not more than three times a week.

2. No conditioner:

Use conditioner sparingly, as it is not necessary when your scalp is producing too much oil to keep your hair from drying out. Some hair experts even say that until your sticky hair problem is resolved, stop using conditioner altogether or apply it only on the ends of your hair. Applying too much conditioner to your hair can cause your hair to become oily faster, requiring more frequent hair washing and starting the cycle of overproduction of oil.

3. No hands:

If your hair is oily, touch, brush or comb your hair as little as possible. The more you touch, brush, or even style your hair, the more oil will be produced and spread in your scalp and this will cause your hair to become oily.

4. Avoid stress:

Stress and depression cause hormonal imbalance which can result in overproduction of oil on your skin and hair. Try to relieve stress and depression by doing exercise, yoga or meditation. This will help you get rid of oily hair and other skin and hair problems.

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