Arrogance is visible in Rahul Gandhi’s voice only after the victory of Karnataka.


Rahul Gandhi is constantly in the limelight for his half-baked and destructive statements. His statements are ridiculous as well as aimless and disorderly. In other words, Rahul also said that China has occupied India’s land.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi may say anything against Modi in India, it may be a part of politics, but the kind of wrong statements he has been giving due to Modi’s opposition on foreign soil, it only shows his political immaturity. After all, when will Rahul become a responsible and sensible leader? By tarnishing the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a world-class leader, he is trying to prove himself as a leader of that level through Congress’s visits abroad. While Modi’s image and personality, fame and universal acceptance are more than any leader of the world. Talking about other countries, he has not yet become a responsible leader in India as well. Childishness and irresponsibility are still reflected in their working style and rhetoric. What a victory he has achieved in a province, he has climbed the peak of arrogance, certainly Rahul’s venomous statements are born out of this political arrogance.

These days, during his visit to America, Rahul Gandhi once again took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the RSS. Alleging misuse of central agencies, he also said that not only Muslims, all minorities, dalits and tribals are feeling scared in the country today. Such statements are defaming India more than Modi and RSS, Rahul Gandhi seems to have come down to opposing the country in the name of opposing Modi. This is not the first time. Even during his visit to London, Rahul Gandhi was similarly surrounded by his statements. In America, he gave a certificate of secularism to his ally Indian Union Muslim League in Kerala, saying that there is nothing non-secular in it. This means that in their eyes he is strictly secular. His statement is like swallowing a live fly and is a mockery of secularism. The communal character of the Indian Union Muslim League is not going to be covered by such talk. It is not different from Jinnah’s Muslim League, because the truth is that it was formed by Jinnah’s supporters only after partition. After all, with what face is Rahul Gandhi giving the certificate of being secular to a party with such a communal and divisive past? When they try to break the unity and integrity of the country with communal narrow-mindedness, what they do, when they can’t go where. Not surprising that tomorrow he will give the proof of being secular to the highly communal and hateful Indian Secular Front of Bengal, because the Congress had fought the last assembly elections with it. The nature of Congress and its leader Rahul has become such that they present sesame as a palm and mustard as a mountain, this is the fault and arrogance of their approach. According to the saying ‘Dungar Balti Dikhe, Ghar Balto Koni Dikhe’, it has become the innate nature of the Congress to turn a blind eye to its antics and the people-power going into the abyss.

Congress’s policy of Muslim appeasement continued even after independence and the country being divided into two pieces, that is why Sardar Patel, angry with the communal thinking of Congress leaders after partition, had warned them not to ride two horses. Choose a horse and those who want to go to Pakistan can go. Sardar Patel did not even hesitate to say that the supporters of the League, who used to call Mahatma Gandhi their enemy number one, are now calling him their friend. Today’s Congress may not want to remember all this due to the cheap politics of narrow vote bank, but the people of the country cannot forget all this.

The people of the country are feeling the difference between Modi and Rahul. The public is keenly watching that Rahul is discounting the picture of India’s growing credibility and development abroad while Modi not only presented positive pictures of changes in India during his government but also presented positive pictures of the changes in India during his government, but also spoke about the problems of the world. I kept my solution-oriented thinking about it as well. That’s why he is getting acceptance as a world leader. Modi’s image has not been affected due to the defeat in one or two provinces, not only in India, the sense of respect and reverence towards Modi is continuously increasing in the whole world. The politics of Rahul Gandhi, his strategists and Congress handlers abroad towards Narendra Modi, BJP and Sangh Parivar is understandable, but by projecting a bad image of the country abroad and making the leader a villain, they are respected. Will not get This is the limit of protest! It is the pinnacle of mindlessness and political immaturity!! There are efforts to blacken the lights!!!

Rahul Gandhi is constantly in the limelight for his half-baked and destructive statements. His statements are ridiculous as well as aimless and disorderly. In other words, Rahul also said that China has occupied India’s land. He is the leader of the country’s main opposition party. It is necessary for them to be angry with the policies of the government and question the steps taken by the government. Politically it is also his duty. But, the question is whether he is only the leader of India’s opposition party on foreign soil? Shouldn’t he think that he is representing India too? This problem is not only of Rahul Gandhi. The entire opposition is unable to understand that there is a difference between opposing the ruling party and opposing the country. It is natural to oppose the ruling party, but that line should not be crossed so that it becomes opposition to the country. Who and how are affected by such statements. It is also necessary to understand the difference between opposition to the government and the nation. Remarkable thing is that the slanderer and critic Congress is seeing everything wrong and wrong. If there is any noise between Modi and BJP, then there is an earthquake in Congress. Not only this, these Congress leaders do not see a single feature of the Modi government, no matter how many records have been established, how many dimensions have been revealed, new articles have been written for the country’s progress, the whole world is praising India, But these Congress leaders are seeing everything black. Rahul, who became Sahasraksh to see the shortcomings, could not even become Ekaksh to see the goodness? How to become one? No matter how beautiful the body is, the flies will like the wound. Similarly, Rahul and the Congress will see only the bad in the good.

For a strong democracy like India, a rational and understanding opposition is needed, it is essential for democracy. But Congress and Rahul have not lived up to the role of the opposition, while democracy demands that the one who plays his role in the opposition is capable of occupying the power. Rahul has to understand this. But if an attempt is made to loot the applause of one camp with venomous statements, then Rahul will be further alienated from the public. Rahul has to understand that in this way he will not be able to hold the public mind of India. Saying something in front of a few people abroad and getting a few applause in return will not get the support of the country. The sooner Rahul understands this, the better. In order to mislead the public and to weaken and narrow their morale, the Congress is blackening the lights, it is likely to blacken its hands. Instead, if she uses her energy to do healthy and clean politics, she will be able to strengthen her political base.

-Lalit Garg

(The author is a senior journalist and columnist)

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