Arson, stone pelting and violent demonstrations are becoming the new identity of France, famous for fashion and beauty.


The way the protesters are resorting to violence, vandalizing public properties, setting fire to buses-cars and buildings, vandalizing outside police stations as well, it seems that there is something called government in France. Not only is it left.

In France, the case of a minor boy being shot by the police has caught a lot of heat, due to which this European country has come under the grip of horrific riots. The whole world is shocked by the news of violence and arson coming in France. Recently, there were prolonged violent protests against pension reforms and there was peace only a few days back. But now the ruthless action of the police against a minor boy has provoked the people, due to which they are creating ruckus on the streets. It is being told that the policeman who shot the boy has been taken into custody, but seeing the anger of the people, there is no hope of stopping the ruckus soon.

Unimaginable scenes seen in France

The way the protesters are resorting to violence, creating ruckus on the streets, pelting stones at security forces and government employees, vandalizing public properties, setting buses-cars and buildings on fire, outside police stations Seeing that they are also vandalizing, it seems that there is no such thing as government left in France. According to media reports, curfew has been imposed in many areas, while public transport services like trams and buses have been announced to be closed before dark in many cities. The manner in which the crackdown on the perpetrators of violence is going on all over France is fueling the anger of the people. The French police are being accused of ill-treating those arrested on charges of violence. French President Emmanuel Macron is trying to handle the situation by holding frequent meetings and all holidays of the police and other security forces have been canceled in the country. It is being told that more than forty thousand soldiers have been deployed in Paris alone. Meanwhile, it is also being told that the concern of the President and the Government of France is that if the situation does not improve, how will the ‘Bastille Day Parade’ be organized successfully after two weeks? Let us tell you that the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi will also be included as the guest of honor in this year’s ‘Bastille Day Parade’. Not only this, India’s tri-services contingent will also participate in this parade along with their French counterparts and three Rafale fighter aircraft of the Indian Air Force will also take part in the ‘Bastille de Flypast’.

What is the matter related to the riots?

As far as the question is, what is the root cause of the riots in France, let us tell you that on June 27, at a traffic checkpoint in the capital Paris, two policemen signaled a car to stop. The car was being driven by a 17-year-old boy, Nael M. There were three people in the car. Police say that despite being signaled to stop, the driver pushed the vehicle forward, due to which the police opened fire, killing Nael. The video of this incident has become very viral on social media. In this video, the policeman is seen holding a gun in his hand. Let us tell you that the policeman who shot was immediately arrested and in this regard, the French prosecutor has said that the officer has been handed over the preliminary charges of murder in the case of shooting of the teenager.

police side

On the other hand, while keeping their side, the Paris police say that the young man was breaking the traffic rules and was not ready to stop, so he was forced to shoot, while the relatives of Nael have accused the police of unnecessary murder. The relatives of Nael also say that this murder happened because of racism. Let us tell you that Nael was of Algerian origin. That’s why violence started as soon as the news of his murder spread. Among the hundreds of people who have been arrested by the police on charges of violence, many people of foreign origin are being told. Meanwhile, the news agency Reuters has reported that since 2017, most of the people killed in police firing for not following traffic rules in France were of Arab origin. There have also been reports of protesters scrawling slogans such as ‘vengeance for Nael’ on walls after vandalizing buildings.

state of anarchy throughout france

If seen, there is a situation of fierce conflict between the police and the protesters in many areas including Paris as the protesters are not desisting from creating ruckus and the police did not hold back from throwing tear gas shells at them or using force to disperse them. doing. There are also reports that the protesters are now setting banks on fire as well. If seen, till now the firemen, who are struggling to extinguish the fire started by the protesters in other buildings, have to work round the clock. There were also reports of looting of shops in shopping streets from some places. Due to this, an atmosphere of chaos is being seen in the police stations as well because so many complaints are coming that the phones are not stopping there. If the situation is not rectified soon, the country’s economy may collapse badly.

However, it is not good for France to continue in a state of anarchy. If seen, France is identified as a country of prosperity, its fashion, beauty and beauty products, beautiful beaches and a life of luxury. No one in the world wants riots, stone pelting, anarchy and arson to become the new identity of France. By the way, the atmosphere there at this time has also reminded me of the 2005 riots. Even at that time there was widespread unrest in France and the then President had to declare a state of emergency. If seen, the police was at the center of the violence that broke out at that time because while escaping from the police, two youths hid in an electric sub-station where they died due to electrocution. Due to this incident, angry people took to the streets and the whole country was in the grip of riots. Even at this time, more or less the same situation is being seen in France. Therefore, there is a need for the political and social classes to come together to make peace as the pandemic has already dealt a major blow to the French economy. The protesters also have to understand that by creating such a situation, NAEL cannot come back. The government should give strictest punishment to the accused policeman as soon as possible so that no innocent lives will be lost in future.

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