Asha Bhosle: Ashaji cooked food for us at 2 am from recording, Uttam Singh told this story


Asha Bhosle Birthday: Legendary singer of Hindi cinema Asha Bhosle Today i.e. on 8th September she is celebrating her 90th birthday. Music composer Uttam Singh describes his association with Asha ji as more than five decades old. Uttam Singh, who was a part of many live shows and playback recordings with her, shared many special memories related to Asha ji on her birthday. Here are the highlights of the conversation with Urmila Kori.

Lataji is the sun and Ashaji is the moon

Today is Ashaji’s birthday. On his birthday, I would like to wish that God may always be with us. His voice is resonating all over the world and will continue to resound. Someone comes, someone goes, hope is hope. I pray and pray to God that he is always well and stays with us. For me Lataji and Ashaji are like sun and moon, which will never end. She will always shine.

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It was Ashaji’s idea to sing Dil Le Gayi Le Gayi in a different way

The superhit songs of Ashaji’s career include the song Dil Le Gayi.. Le Gayi from the film Dil To Pagal Hai, composed by me. It is my good luck that this song became such a big hit that no concert of Ashaji is complete without this song. Recalling the recording experience related to this song, the best thing about Yashji camp was that they used to give complete freedom to their composer to do whatever he wanted. When I composed Dil Le Gayi Le Gayi, I said this song is Ashaji’s song. Ashaji was called. I told him the song. The song was Dil Le Gayi.. Le Gayi.. but when it was sung, it was sung as Dil Le Gayi.. Le Gayi.. or Ooooo, which in the last he has drawn the words in a different way. It was his idea only. He is a very creative artist. He said that I should do this in Uttam. I said you do. they recorded this song in an hour

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Live concerts of Pancham Da and Ashaji were very special.

The pair of Ashaji and Pancham da is one of the memorable pairs of Hindi cinema. The above makes a pair and that pair continues till today. A pair like them could never come and will never come. This is the mercy of the one above. Everything is made by him. I am one of the lucky people who got the opportunity to work with both of them. The world tour concert of Ashaji and Pancham started in 1977 and it continued for five years, during which we went to America, London, Canada, Mauritius, Singapore. We did many shows. There was not even a single show which was 100 percent to 99 percent. People all over the world used to enjoy the entry of Pancham Dada on this song and the hall used to echo with applause on this song. People’s enthusiasm was created on every song of Ashaji. Jhumka Gira Re was everyone’s favorite song.

Gives a lot of importance to Riyaz and rehearsal

Her hard work and dedication has made Ashaji a legend in music. Even today she does not forget to do her Riyaz. She does Riyaz during the day and even at night. She also gives great importance to rehearsals. I remember when we started the musical tour of 77, we started rehearsing for it from 76. From a year ago. Before doing the live shows, we used to do full rehearsals on the same stage for four to five hours. That whole day was a day of hard work for us. Even in rehearsals, she used to sing all the songs with complete perfection. Whatever she has sung, she used to sing it not only in the stage show but also in carbon copy. There was not a single tone from here to there.

Ashaji had prepared food and fed us at 2 o’clock in the night.

Ashaji is very caring. I remember once we were leaving his house at 2 o’clock in the night. By doing music seating with Ahmed Bhosle. My assistant Ram ji was also with me. As soon as the door was opened, she was coming in front. She had returned from a recording. He said, hey you guys are still here. I said yes, I was working. He asked whether he had eaten food. I said we will go home and eat, he said no wait. Just give it twenty minutes. I would like to tell that that very night, without waking up any servant, she herself cooked the chicken and pulao and brought them hot in twenty minutes. They served us with their own hands until we finished and left for our homes. She was sitting near us.

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