Asia cup 2023: Why step-motherly treatment from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh? rules should be equal for all


New Delhi: Asia Cup 2023 will always be remembered for its controversies. Even before the start of the tournament, many problems had arisen. However, later the general consensus was that it would be played on the hybrid model. In this it was decided that out of 13 matches, 4 would be organized in Pakistan and the remaining 9 matches would be played in Sri Lanka. This happened because Pakistan was to host Asia Cup 2023 and the Indian cricket team had clearly refused to go to Pakistan.

At the same time, another new controversy has been added to it. Actually, reserve day was announced for the match between India and Pakistan to be held in Super-4. India and Pakistan will clash with each other for the second time in the tournament. The first match between the two was canceled due to rain. In such a situation, the Asian Cricket Council does not want to take any risk for the second time.

In such a situation, the biggest question now arises that why reserve day has been kept only for the match between India and Pakistan. The teams of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka also have to face each other in Super-4 and all these matches are to be played in Colombo only.

Let us tell you that it has been raining continuously in Colombo for the last several days. There was little chance of a match happening. In such a situation, there was talk of organizing the remaining matches in Hambantota instead of Colombo, but this too did not work out. However, the weather in Colombo has cleared up now.

Why not have the same rules for everyone?

When Asia Cup 2023 started, there was no provision regarding reserve day. ACC can benefit a lot from the clash between India and Pakistan in the last tournament, that is why a reserve day was kept for them. That means if it rains on 10th September then it can be completed on 11th September.

The first match between India and Pakistan in the tournament was canceled due to rain, but if a reserve day has been kept then it should be for everyone. Why is ACC giving step-motherly treatment to the other teams, just because there will be more ticket sales in the match between India and Pakistan, but this is being done by disregarding the rules.

This will not only raise questions on the policies of the Asian Cricket Council but other teams participating in this tournament in future will definitely raise this issue.

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