Asian Game 2023: India’s memorable performance on the eighth day! Know where is the medal table?


Pudhari Online Desk: Eighth day (D.1) of Indian players’ Asian competition, Gajwala. The day started with a gold medal in badminton and ended with a silver medal in badminton. Today, Indian athletes have won a total of 15 medals. These include 3 gold, 7 rupee and 5 bronze medals. (Asian Games 2023)

Due to the brilliant performance of the Indian players during that period (D.30) and today, the Indian Association remains at the fourth position in the table. Due to today’s excellent performance, Indian players have a total of 53 medals in the competition. Performance of Jaan Ghevuya Aajvarchaya Bharatchaya medal winning players

  • Tennis, Mixed Doubles: Rohan Bopanna and Rutuja Bhosale won gold medal in mixed doubles tennis. India’s streak of winning gold medals has continued since the 2002 Asian Games. (Asian Games 2023)
  • Squash: Indian Women’s Squash Championship bronze medal winning solution started. At the end Sanghala accepted the defeat against Hong Kong. (Asian Games 2023)
  • Athletics: Karthik and Gulveer created history in men’s 10000 meters. In men’s 10000 meters, Sharyateet Karthik won the silver medal with a time of 28:15.38 and Gulveer won the bronze medal with a time of 28:17.21. India has won three medals in athletics at the Hangzhou Asian Games. Or on Friday, Kiran Baliyana would have won a bronze medal in shot put. With both the medals, India’s total medal count has reached 38.
  • Shooting, Women’s 10 meter Air Rifle Association: Mehuli Ghosh, Ramita and Aashi Choksi or Sangha won the silver medal by finishing second in the Women’s 10 meter Air Rifle Association competition.
  • Rowing men’s double sculls: Arjun Lal Jat and Arvind Singh Yadav won silver medals in lightweight men’s double sculls.
  • Rowing, men’s pair: Lekh Ram and Babu Lal Yadav or the pair won third place and bronze medal. (Asian Games 2023)
  • Rowing, Men: India continues the medal race in rowing and wins another silver medal in the men’s competition.
  • Shooting, Women’s 10m Air Rifle Individual: Ramita Jindal, who won the silver medal in the Women’s National Competition, won the bronze medal in the 10m Air Rifle Individual competition with a score of 230.1.
  • Shooting, Purushaanchi 10 meter air rifle team: Divyansh Singh Panwar, Rudranksh Patil and Aishwarya Pratap Singh Tomar or Trikutane Yanda gave India its first gold medal in the Asian Championships. With a score of 1893.7, he became the reigning Vishwavikram Model of the Sangha in the 10 meter air rifle competition.
  • Rowing, Men’s Coxless: Jaswinder Singh, Bhim Singh, Puneet and Ashish Kumar secured third place in the coxless four and won the bronze medal.
  • Rowing, Men’s Quadruple: India wins bronze medal in rowing. Satnam, Parminder, Jakar and Sukhmeet or Chaughni finished third in the final lap with a time of 3:6.08 minutes.
  • Men’s 10m Air Rifle Individual: Shooter Aishwarya Pratap Singh would have won the first gold medal in the Asian Championships and the Bharatala Federal Championships. He won the bronze medal in the Men’s 10m Air Rifle Individual event.
  • Men’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol event: Adarsh ​​Singh, Anish Bhanwala and Vijayveer Sidhu won the bronze medal for India with a total score of 1718.
  • Women’s cricket: India won the gold medal by defeating Sri Lanka by 19 runs in the last round. The Indian Union would have participated for the first time in the Asian Championships. Team India is famous for winning the gold medal in its first attempt.
  • Rowing: 17 year old Neha Thakur won silver medal. He scored 27 points in the Mulichnya Dinghy ILCA4 competition.
  • Rowing: Ibad Ali won bronze medal in rowing. He finished third in the men’s Windsurfer RS
  • Horse riding association: The Indian team of Hriday Chheda, Divyakriti Singh, Anush Aggarwal and Sudipti Hajela won the gold medal with a score of 209.205.
  • 50 meter 3 position rifle team: Bharatiya won silver medal in 50 meter 3 position federal competition. Sift Kaur Samra, Aashi Chouksey and Manini Kaushik secured second place in the competition.
  • 25 meter pistol national event: India has won the gold medal. Manu Bhaker, Isha Singh and Rhythm Sangwan won gold medals in the 25 meter pistol federal competition. He made China three times more famous. Bhakarne started the frolic with both Gunachya Aghadi.
  • 50m Three Position Rifle Individual: Indian players perform brilliantly in the event. Gold Medal in Indian Champion Competition. Samran won the gold medal easily in the 50 meter three position rifle individual competition by scoring 10.2 points.
  • 50 meter 3 position rifle individual: Siftane Patkavala stood first in the 50 meter 3 position rifle individual competition, and in the same competition, Aashi Chouksey won the bronze medal.
  • Indian Men’s Skeet Shooting: Indian Men’s Skeet Shooting Sanghan wins bronze medal. Angad Bajwa, Gurjyot Singh Khangura and Anant Jeet Singh Naruka or Trikuta scored a total of 355 points and stood third in the final round.
  • SAILING ILCA 7 MEN: Vishnu Saravanan won bronze medal with a net score of 34 in men’s dinghy ILCA 7.
    Women’s 25 meter pistol: Isha Singne won silver medal. She scored 34 points in the women’s 25 meter pistol competition and stood second.
  • Shotgun Skeet, Men: Anant Nakura won silver medal in Men’s Shotgun Skeet. Anant made 58 correct shots out of 60 attempts.
    Wushu, Women: Roshibina Devi won silver medal in women’s 60 kg Wushu Sanda.
  • Men’s 10m Air Pistol: Sarabjyot Singh, Arjun Cheema and Shiv Narwal defeated China by a huge margin in the Men’s 10m Air Pistol. India won gold medal with 1734 points.
  • Horseman, Individual Dressage: Anush and his horse Itro stood third in Individual Dressage and won the bronze medal with a score of 73.030.
  • Shooting: India won silver medal in 10 meter air pistol women’s national competition. Indian Women’s Association players Isha Singh, Palak and Divya performed amazingly. Or the country got the 26th medal in the ongoing edition of Tighani Asian Sports Competition. The union of Isha Singh, Palak and Divya stood second with a score of 1731-50. China’s Ranxing, Li and Nan Ya Jodi won gold medals.
  • Shooting: Aishwarya Pratap Singh, Swapnil and Akhil Ya Trikutane did amazing work. Gold medal in Tighani Gatun 50 meter rifle 3 position men’s federal competition. Tighani got 1769 virtues. China’s Linshu, Hao and Jia Ming or Jodila won silver medals. At the same time, Korean players won bronze medals.
  • Tennis: Bharatala won the silver medal in the tennis men’s doubles competition. The duo of Saketh Myneni and Ramkumar Ramanathan were defeated in the last round. Both of them considered the silver medal as the solution.
  • Shooting: Palakne won gold medal in women’s 10 meter air pistol category. Isha Singh won the silver medal. Pakistan’s Kishmala Taltala bronze medalist was considered the solution. Palakne scored 242.1 and Ishaan scored 239.7. Whereas, Kishmala scored 218.2 marks. (Asian Games 2023)
  • Shooting: Aishwarya Pratap Singh won the silver medal in the men’s 50 meter rifle 3 positions in the national event. Aishwarya got 459.7 qualities.
  • Track and Field (shot put): Kiran Baliyan won bronze medal in shot put competition. He won the medal by throwing 17.36 meters in his third attempt. This is India’s first medal in athletics i.e. track and field. Meerut’s Kiran Baliyan opened India’s account in track and field.
  • Shooting, mixed doubles, 10 meter air pistol: Sarabjot and Divyachya added silver medals. China won the final match 16-14. This is India’s eighth silver medal in badminton in the competition.
  • Golf: Aditi Ashok won silver medal in women’s golf competition.
  • Shooting, Women’s Trap Association: Women’s Trap Association won silver medal. Manisha Keer, Rajeshwari Kumari and Preeti Rajk scored 337 runs. Chincha Sangha won gold medal for 355 merits.
  • Shooting, Men’s Association: In the men’s trap shooting competition, Kinan Chenai, Zorawar Singh and Prithviraj Tondiman made 361 runs and won the gold medal.
  • Trap Shooting: Keenan Chen won bronze medal in men’s trap shooting competition.
  • Boxing, Women: Nikhat Zarina won bronze medal in women’s 50 kg boxing.
  • 3000 meters: Avinash Sablane won gold medal in men’s 3000 meters competition.
  • Shot Put (shot put): Tajinder Pal Singh won gold medal in shot put. He won the gold medal in the Asian Championships for the second consecutive time.
  • Women’s 1500m relay: Harmilan Benson wins silver medal for India in women’s 1500m relay.
  • Men’s 1500 meter relay: Bharatala won both medals in men’s 1500 meter relay. Ajay Kumar Sarojne won the silver medal. Tara Johnson sealed the bronze medal.
  • Lamb Udi: Murali Srishankar won silver medal in Lamb Udi. Sreeshankar threw 8.19 meters and won the second maroon medal.
  • Heptathlon: Nandini Agasarane won bronze medal in 800 meter heptathlon.
  • Discus Throw: India’s Seema Punia won bronze medal in discus throw. She threw 58.62 meters and won the bronze medal. Gold medal won without hesitation. (Asian Games 2023)

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