Asian Games: Preneet Kaur’s big statement after winning gold medal in archery, told the secret of victory


India is continuously performing brilliantly in the Asian Games being played in Hangzhou. All the players from India are performing well and winning medals for the country. India has won medals in many sports this year. Both men’s and women’s categories of India have performed brilliantly in compound archery played in the Asian Games. First up for the women’s team, Jyoti Surekha Vennam, Aditi Gopichand Swamy, Preneet Kaur – the 2023 world champion – scored a high-pressure score of 230 out of 240 in the compound women’s team final against Chinese Taipei. The rivals of the Indian team gave a tough competition to India and scored 229 points.

Indian men’s team performed brilliantly

The Indian men’s archery team performed very well in the games. Abhishek Verma, Prathamesh Samadhan Javkar and Ojas Praveen Deotale defeated their arch rival South Korea in the final match and won the gold medal. The Indian team won this match by five points. The Indian team has won all the medals in archery and has shown better performance since the beginning.

We did not focus on rivals’ shots: Preneet Kaur

Preneet Kaur told, during archery the heat of the game was felt. Both of us players were there helping each other and encouraging each other. We finished the game motivating each other. Our Italian coach Sergio Pagni helped us a lot. He said, we did not concentrate on the shots of the competitors and did our best. Jyoti told that there was wind blowing at times and we had to calm ourselves and focus on giving our best performance even in the worst conditions, no matter what the opponents were doing.

The coach encouraged

Ojas said, “Our coach tells us not to focus on the team you are fighting, but focus on yourself, follow your rhythm and the results will be in our hands.” He further said that Abhishek was constantly guiding him from behind and he also said that he could not have done it without him.

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