Asian Para Games: Praveen Kumarchi ‘Golden Udi’, Bharatala Gold Medal in Men’s High Udi T64 Competition

Pudhari Online Desk : Asian Para Games : India started its campaign with a bang in the fourth Asian Para Games starting in Hangzhou, China. On Monday (Dec. 23), Indian players won 17 medals including six gold, six silver and five bronze medals. Prachi Yadav won the first medal in Bharatala. He won the silver medal in the Canoe VL2 competition. After that it rained medals for the Indian players.

Praveen Kumarchi Gold Fly!

India’s Praveen Kumar won the gold medal in the men’s high fly-T64 competition at the Asian Para Games 2023 starting in Hangzhou, China on Monday. He registered the 2.02 meter high Udi Maroon as his boatman Vikram. Meanwhile, Unni Renu won the bronze medal with the best distance of 1.95 meters from Orissa.

Pranav Suramacha Golden Throw!

Pranab Surmane won gold medal in men’s club throw F51 competition in athletics competition. Or the glory of the Indian players who won the silver and bronze medals in the competition. Surmane 30.01m. Throwing bowler Nava Vikram Pratishat Kela, while Dharambir (28.76m) and Amit Kumar (26.93m) finished second and third respectively. Or there would have been only four contestants in the competition. Saudi Arabia’s Radhi Ali Alarthi finished last with a throw of 23.77 metres.

16 year old Surmala met with an accident in which her wrist was injured. This left him half-breathed. After this he decided to try his hand in para sports. The 29-year-old athlete would have won a silver medal at the 2019 Beijing World Para Athletics Grand Prix. The F51 Club Throw event is for athletes who have significant results in waist, leg and arm movements. In this, competitors play sitting competition and rely on the strength of their shoulders and arms.

The high flying Bharatala won only three medals, but…

In the men’s high flying T63 type, three Indians secured top three positions. Or the entire competition would have consisted of only three players who would have been Indians. Therefore, to win all three medals, it is necessary to have at least four players in the field, or according to the Asian Paralympic Committee (APC) rules, Bharatala could not get the bronze medal. In this competition, Shailesh Kumar won the gold medal with Vikrami Orissa with a height of 1.82 meters. Tara Mariyappan Thangavelu (1.80 m) means silver medal. Govindbhai Ramsingbhai Padiyar (1.78m) was deprived of the bronze medal as per APC rules. Thangwelu had earlier won a gold medal in the high-flying T42 category at the 2016 Rio Paralympics and a silver medal in the T63 category at the Tokyo Paralympics.

Nishad Kumar won gold medal in Men’s High Fly T47 event.

Nishad Kumar won his third gold medal of the Bharatala Day with an effort of 2.02 meters in the men’s high fly T47 event. India’s Ram Palle won a bronze medal with his attempt of 1.94 metres.

Bronze Medal in Shotput F11 Competition

Monu Ghangas won the bronze medal with an effort of 12.33 meters in the men’s shot put F11 competition.

Prachichi Raupya’s performance in women’s canoeing

In women’s canoeing competition, Prachi Yadav won the silver medal with a time of 1:03.147.

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