Audi to launch electric SUV Q8 e-tron in India in August


Audi SUV Q8 e-tron Launch Date : German luxury car manufacturer Audi will launch its electric sports utility vehicle (SUV) Q8 e-tron in the Indian market next month. This information was given by the company. Audi India head Balbir Singh Dhillon told that the company will present its Q8 e-tron with 114 kWh battery on August 18. The company’s current e-tron uses a 95 kWh battery.

Audi India strengthening the electric vehicle segment

The company will launch it in two segments Q8 e-tron SUV and Q8 e-tron Sportback. In a conversation with PTI-language, he said, we are basically strengthening our electric vehicle (EV) product segment. Dhillon said, the Q8 e-tron is being introduced in India along with the rest of the world, which shows the importance of the Indian market.

Will be imported as CBU

Audi India’s EV vehicles include the e-tron 50, e-tron 55, e-tron Sportback 55, e-tron GT and the RS e-tron GT. He said that the Q8 e-tron will be imported as a Complete Built Unit (CBU). It is one of the top class and quality vehicles in this segment. Audi has decided to focus on petrol and electric vehicles as part of its global strategy to become a fully electric car company by 2033.

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