Average Salary in India, UP number one in salary, know which city has the highest salary in the country – up has highest average salary in India know which city is number one


New Delhi: Uttar Pradesh ranks first in terms of average salary in the country. According to Statista data, in the year 2022, the average monthly salary in Uttar Pradesh was Rs 20,730. West Bengal stood second in the list with an average salary of Rs 20,210. The country’s largest industrial state stood at number three in terms of average salary. The average salary in the state was Rs 20,110. Bihar stood at number four in the list with an average salary of Rs 19,960. Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh shared the fifth spot in the list with an average salary of Rs 19,740. Tamil Nadu (Rs 19,600) ranked seventh, IT industry hub Karnataka (Rs 19,150) eighth and Gujarat (Rs 18,880) ranked ninth.

According to a Mint report, the average annual salary in the country is Rs 18,91,085. This thing has come to the fore in the Average Salary Survey. This claim has been made on the basis of analysis of 11,570 salary surveys. Accordingly, there is a huge difference in the salary of men and women. While the average salary of men is Rs 19,53,055, the average salary of women is Rs 15,16,296. The annual average income of people associated with management and business is the highest at Rs 29,50,185. After this, the annual average salary of people associated with law field is Rs 27,02,962. Along with this, experience also has a big role in earning. The average salary for professionals with more than 20 years of experience is Rs 38,15,462.

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solapur no.

As far as the cities are concerned, Solapur of Maharashtra has emerged as the number one city according to the Average Salary Survey. The average annual salary in this city is Rs 28,10,092. The country’s financial capital Mumbai is at number two with an average annual salary of Rs 21,17,870. The average annual salary in the IT hub Bengaluru is Rs 21,01,388. Delhi is at number four in this list. The average annual salary here is Rs 20,43,703. The average annual salary in Odisha capital Bhubaneshwar is Rs 19,94,259 while in Jodhpur it is Rs 19,44,814. The average annual salary of professionals in Pune and Srinagar is Rs 18,95,370. 18,62,407 in Hyderabad.

who is number one in the world

As far as the average monthly salary is concerned in the world, the European country Switzerland is at number one. According to World of Statistics, the average monthly salary (after tax) of the people of this country is $6,187 i.e. Rs 5,11,142. In this list, Luxembourg is second, Singapore is third and America is at number four. The average salary of the people of America is $ 4,660 i.e. Rs 3,84,988. Japan is at 26th and China at 46th position in this list. The average salary of the people of China is 1001 dollars i.e. 82,698 rupees. India is at number 63 in this list. The average salary of the people of the country is $ 583 i.e. Rs 48,164.

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