bangla deshla dengucha dankh; 600 killed in 5 months, Lakhawar interrupted. Bangladesh Dengue Outbreak


Pudhari Online Desk : Dengue has come in a big way in the country of Bangladesh and since April till now, 600 people have been killed or infected, and till now 1 lakh 35 thousand people have been affected by dengue. The World Health Organization has said that with global warming and El Nino, dengue has spread widely. (Bangladesh Dengue Outbreak)

Due to the spread of dengue, hospital beds have started falling short. As many as 10,000 people would have been admitted to the hospital on a single day on 12 August, the World Health Organization has given such information. 600 people have died in the period from April to August, or 300 people have died in August alone. (Bangladesh Dengue Outbreak)

In general, every resident of Bengal country comes with dengue, or dengue starts spreading in the month of April every year. Dengue has spread to 64 districts of Bangladesh, while the capital Dhaka has been hit the hardest, according to a CNN report.

Dr. Kabirul Bashar, professor at Jahangirnagar University in Bangladesh, said, “Dhaka or the city has a regular water problem. That’s why the people here keep clouds, utensils or water filled. That’s how dengue spreads. Apart from this, sewage disposal, garbage collection or civil problems are also on a large scale in Bangladesh.

Untimely rains in Bangladesh, coupled with heat and humidity have increased the spread of measles, which should be taken into account by the World Health Organisation.

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