Bats are no longer at risk of infection of new variants from Deer, big disclosure in the study


Mumbai: Corona virus has been a cause of global concern for more than the last 3 years. So far it has infected more than 69 crore people worldwide. Even though the pace of corona infection is quite controlled these days, scientists say that the mistake of taking it lightly should not be made, as the virus is constantly mutating. According to a recent report, a new sub-variant of Omicron, AV.1.1, has been detected in some states of America, for which research is going on.

Since the beginning of Corona, it has been a big question that how did the virus reach humans? Regarding this, a theory of scientists says that bats can be its source, although now recent research has given a new direction to this discussion. Scientists found that this time not bats, the danger could be from deer. Globally, a large number of deer populations are seen to be infected, which not only poses a risk of mutation in the virus, but may also increase the risk of infection in humans.

Risk of infection in large population of deer
It is important to know here that one’s virus needs to keep mutating continuously to survive and it needs some source. For this time deer have been made their source. According to the US Department of Agriculture, the virus has spread to deer at least 100 times through humans.

Why is mutation happening in the variant?
The big question for the scientists at the moment was that when the speed of corona is decreasing globally, then why are mutations happening in the variants? To understand this, once again the detection of corona infection in animal population was started. During this time, the team of American researchers found that about 3 out of every 10 deer here were corona infected, which shows that the virus is now mutating itself through animals along with humans.

Domestic animals can also be a source of infection
The researchers noted that in addition to deer, several variants of the virus have also been found in wild and domestic animals, including dogs, lions, mink, rats, otters, gorillas and cats. In addition to white-tailed deer, mink and domestic cats are suspected of virus transmission to humans. Researchers said- The findings of this study are important because the animal population can be like a reservoir for the corona virus, in which the virus is spreading secretly. There may be a danger of increasing cases.

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