Before traveling by flight, know the world’s only fruit, which passengers cannot take in the plane


Banned Items in Plane: Traveling by flight is the dream of many people, now many people prefer to go by flight as compared to earlier because it also saves time. Normally people take many things with them while traveling. From clothes to electrical items and even gold and silver are also taken, but some limits are kept in this too, which are decided by the custom department. There are many such things, which are completely banned to be carried in the flight. There is also such a fruit in these, which you eat with pleasure on a daily basis, but you can never take this fruit with you in the plane (Banned Fruit in Plane). If you ever make such a mistake, then you may have to pay for it. Let’s tell which is that fruit.

There is a ban on carrying this fruit

Coconut is the fruit which is banned in flight, you may find it strange to hear, but it is true. The reason behind banning it is that dry coconut would be inflammable. You cannot take coconut, both dry or whole, with you on a flight. Since no flammable items can be carried on a flight, the ban applies to coconuts as well. That is, due to fire in it, the plane can also crash. Not only this, whole coconuts are also not allowed to be taken along in the plane due to fear of rotting and getting moldy.

These things cannot be taken on the flight

  • It is prohibited to carry any kind of intoxicants like alcohol, cigarette, tobacco, ganja, heroin in the flight. If you are caught in a flight with these items, action may be taken against you and you may also have to go to jail.

  • You cannot carry any type of weapon like firearm, gun lighter, pellet gun, pistol, ammunition with you on the flight. If you carry such weapons with you then appropriate action will be taken against you and you can be arrested.

  • Any kind of sharp things like cutter, lighter, razor blade, metal scissors etc. are included. You cannot take them on a flight.

  • You can take dry fruits, fruits, salads in the flight but you will be able to take more liquid food only in a small quantity i.e. 100 ml container.

You can take the following items with you as cabin baggage on flights subject to security regulations –

  • Ladies Hand Bag (Purse, Hand Bag)

  • carrying basket

  • a camera, binoculars

  • reading material

  • crutches, wheelchairs (for handicapped)

  • Umbrella (Folding Type)

  • baby food

  • overcoat

  • a blanket

  • Infant’s feeding bottle (if baby is also present)

  • medications such as asthma inhalers

  • laptop

  • Sikh travelers can carry a saber up to 9 inches (22.86 cm) in length.

How much baggage can passengers carry on air travel / flight?

In air travel, you can carry luggage ranging from 7 to 14 kg in your hand bag. Check in baggage will be able to carry 20 to 30 kgs or up to 32 kgs.

It is forbidden to carry fountain pen

You might be surprised to know that it is absolutely forbidden to carry a fountain pen in flight. Now you will say that this is a very common thing, why is it forbidden to carry it, then let me tell you that the plane flies at an altitude of 40,000 feet and there the air pressure becomes very low. Under such pressure, the ink made of carbon comes near the nib of the pen and starts leaking. Yes, carrying a pen without ink is a different matter, but then what is the use of a pen.

e-cigarettes and vapers

Earlier, where e-cigarettes were allowed to be carried in the plane, now this is not the case. It is believed that e-cigarettes are more harmful than normal tobacco cigarettes and hence the Civil Aviation Safety Department in India has banned e-cigarettes and all such products from flights. Neither can you take them to the airport nor can you carry them on the flight. Banned items to check before departing for Dubai Airport: Who doesn’t like air travel, and if you are boarding a flight for the first time Its excitement doubles. There are many people who are sitting first in the flight, they know the rules related to the airport, but new passengers are always skeptical about the rules. There is always a problem regarding what things should not be carried in the flight. Because if you do this by going against the rules, then you can go to jail. So let’s know what is that stuff, which you cannot take to the airport while traveling in flight.

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