Beggars were again sent from Pakistan, caught at Saudi Arabia airport

The number of beggars coming from Pakistan has been increasing in Saudi Arabia for some time now, due to which the Arab country is very worried. This time 16 such people have been caught, who were basically beggars of Pakistan.

During the same Umrah season, the Investigation Agency dropped these 16 beggars at Multan Airport in the guise of pilgrims. All these beggars were traveling to Saudi Arabia on age visa.

During the investigation, airport officials interrogated the passengers. During this, Jatis confessed that he was going to Saudi Arabia only to beg. The beggar also revealed during interrogation that he would have to give half of the cave found in Saudi Arabia to the agents making arrangements for his travel. According to the information, all these beggars had to return to Pakistan after the expiry of Umrah visa.

Let us tell you that people from Pakistan reach Saudi Arabia on Umrah visa, which is very common. But for some time now it has been seen that after reaching Saudi Arabia, they start begging. To stop this trend, a team of the agency was at Multan Airport where the beggar was caught during the investigation. The authorities have taken everyone into custody. After all these were caught, these people have been sent for further investigation.

It is noteworthy that recently it has been revealed that a large number of people are sent to Gulf countries to beg. This was revealed in the Parliament of Pakistan. In which it was revealed that beggars are smuggled to foreign countries through illegal channels. It was also revealed that 90% of the beggars caught abroad belong to Pakistan.

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