Bekaboo 3, a story of love, deception and conspiracy! Riya Sen and Rahul Sudhir will have hot chemistry.


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Mumbai Alt, popular in the world of digital entertainment, has announced the comeback of the most-awaited series ‘Bekaboo’ with the latest installment ‘Bekaboo 3’.

Building on the successful previous seasons, the new season promises to give the viewers an even more entertaining and thrilling experience. This will thrill the audience.

‘Bekaaboo 3’, adorned with a brilliant cast, has Rhea Sen in the role of Chitra, Navina Bole in the role of Isha, Rahul Sudhir in the role of Arjun, Imran Khan in the role of UD and Nikita Ghag in the role of Alisha. The cast promises to deliver power-packed performances that will enthrall the audience and keep them on the edge of their seats.

‘Bekaaboo 3’ delves deep into human nature, into a world where no one is who they pretend to be. There are lies and betrayal here. The story revolves around an innocent wife Taapsee and her husband Arjun, who happens to be her boss. The story is a web of deception and desire.

Talking about her role, Rhea Sen said, “Playing Chitra in ‘Bekaaboo 3’ has been extremely thrilling for me. Chitra is a character who is multidimensional, mysterious and full of surprises. I love playing Chitra. It was fun delving into the mindset and bringing its complexities to life on screen. In the series, viewers will be able to see the roller coaster of emotions Chitra goes through and how her character evolves in this entertaining story. ‘Bekaaboo 3’ is a It’s an experience like no other and I hope the audience enjoys watching it as much as I enjoyed playing Chitra.”

Rahul Sudhir said, “Playing the character of Arjun in ‘Bekaboo 3’ has been an unforgettable experience. Arjun is a character who is mysterious and contradictory and he adds a unique layer to the mystery and drama of the story. It’s a privilege to work with such a talented cast, and I believe our viewers will connect with it from the first episode itself. ‘Bekaaboo 3’ is an intense journey of love, betrayal and conspiracy, and I am excited for the response we receive from the audience.”

‘Bekaboo 3’ is set to redefine entertainment with its gripping story, thrilling performances and incredible suspense. Every moment of this season is filled with tension, mystery and the constant search for justice, vengeance and passion. Prepare yourself for a roller coaster ride of emotions as each episode will keep you glued to the scene.


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Web Title-Bekaboo 3, a story of love, deception and conspiracy! Riya Sen and Rahul Sudhir will have hot chemistry.

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