Beware of Pink WhatsApp: One message will empty your bank account, this is the way to avoid it


New Delhi (Best Hindu News): A new method of cheating on WhatsApp has become a problem for both the public and the police. In this method of cheating, a link is being shared for the WhatsApp user to download Pink WhatsApp with additional features. The phone of the person who downloads Pink WhatsApp from this link gets hacked immediately.

After this, cyber criminals are cheating by stealing confidential information, photos, videos and other information from the said mobile phone. These thugs are targeting Android mobile phone users. Chandigarh Police has issued an advisory considering this game of Pink WhatsApp as a big scam.

On this matter, SHO of Cyber ​​Station Chandigarh, Ranjit Singh said that people should be aware of such frauds and if they find any such link, do not click on it.

What is Picken WhatsApp Scam?
In this scam, a link comes to the people and people are asked to download Pink WhatsApp. After clicking on this link, people’s phone is hacked by the hacker and private information from his phone and lakhs of rupees are cheated from the bank.

this is the way to escape
To avoid this, do not click on any link coming from an unknown number. Do not click on any unknown link without verifying it even from the number of your acquaintance. If you have accidentally downloaded Pink WhatsApp by clicking on this link, then delete it immediately. Back up your phone and do a phone format or factory system reset. On receiving any such suspicious link, call or message, immediately report it to the police.

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