Big action of Haryana Police


Nuh (Mewat) Haryana Police has now blocked 20 thousand 545 mobile numbers after exposing a large network of cybercrime. A total of 34 thousand mobile numbers across the state were marked as suspicious by the State Crime Branch. Police is contacting the Department of Telecom, Government of India to block the remaining 14,000 numbers. Recently, during the ‘surgical strike’ against cybercrime in Nuh, the police had revealed cyber frauds operating in 40 villages of Mewat and across the state. Cyber ​​Nodal Organization and State

The crime branch has kept a close watch on the mobile numbers involved in cybercrime. Reports are being taken daily from all the districts. For this reason, Haryana ranks first in the country in getting mobile numbers used in cyber fraud blocked. More attention is being given to such areas and villages from where cyber fraud incidents are being carried out. Let us inform here that in the past, the central government had told 32 cybercrime hotspots in 9 states. These included Mewat, Bhiwani, Nuh, Palwal, Manota, Hasanpur and Hathan villages. Following the Centre’s report, 5000 police personnel formed 102 teams and raided 14 villages of Mewat. It is believed that Mewat used to get the benefit of being situated on the border of the state. Apart from this, cyber thugs had a chance to run away to neighboring states, Rajasthan and Delhi after committing crimes.

Significantly, the maximum number of mobile numbers used in cyber crime in Haryana have been issued from Andhra Pradesh. 12822 mobile numbers purchased on Fake ID have been issued from Andhra Pradesh, 4365 from West Bengal, 4338 from New Delhi, 2322 from Assam, 2261 from other North East states and 2490 from Haryana. All the numbers are currently operating from different regions of Haryana. Meanwhile, according to the police spokesperson, at present more attention is being given to such areas and villages from where cyber fraud incidents are being carried out. Along with this, the police is also trying to identify those who make fake IDs.

ADGP O.P. According to Singh, who is the head of the State Crime Branch, 40 policemen are working round the clock in the cyber helpline team of the state. By stopping these SIMs purchased on fake and illegal documents, the plans of cyber thugs are being thwarted. Haryana State Cyber ​​Coordination Center has been set up in the State Crime Branch in the state as per the instructions of the Ministry of Home Affairs to prevent cyber fraud. The action taken by Haryana Police against cyber thugs is timely and also praiseworthy. People from the lowest to the highest level in the country are falling prey to cyber thugs. Along with cheating money, incidents of blackmailing are also increasing by making obscene videos by making phone calls.

Like the Haryana Police, the police of every state should launch a state-level campaign against cyber fraudsters, especially in those states where cybercrime hot spots are being reported. Many have lost their money in the hands of cyber thugs and many have also lost their respect. There is only one way to save innocent people from thugs and that is to launch a campaign against thugs and put them behind bars.

– Irwin Khanna (Chief Editor, Dainik Uttam Hindu)

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