Big decision of China, government employees will not use iPhone, why this order given – big news china banned iphone in government offices says dont bring and use it


China has denied officials of its central government agencies to use Apple iPhone and bring it to office. China has said that Apple iPhone and other foreign brand devices are not to be used and they are also not to be brought to the office. Let us tell you that this ban imposed by China has been imposed before the Apple event and it can further increase the tension between China and America.

A WSJ report states that phone manufacturers other than Apple were not named. No information about this has been received from Apple and the State Council Information Office of China. China is concerned about the data of its users and the country. In such a situation, the Chinese government has asked all its government companies to become self-sufficient in technology so that America can be given a tough competition in terms of technology.

This new step taken in Beijing can harm Apple. Explain that this is its biggest market after America. This step of China is also being said to encourage the use of indigenous brands in the country. Apart from this, due to the increasing tension between China and America, Apple has spread its production in India. It is being said that it will gradually cover its market and this is believed to be the reason why China has decided not to use the iPhone. Let us tell you that the new series of iPhone is going to be launched soon. Before the launch of the iPhone 15 series, this decision of China can also have a negative impact on the company.

There is a dispute between China and America regarding the chip industry. America is trying to end China’s monopoly. America is banning whatever components are used in the chip. Responding to this, China has also banned several shipments, including from American aircraft maker Boeing and chip company Micron Technology.

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